Combining Career, Studies and Family Life

Family-friendly in every sense

Technische Universität Berlin offers a comprehensive program of support to staff and students with children or relatives to care for to help them combine their careers or studies and family commitments.

Our program includes flexible working arrangements, teleworking, leave to care for relatives, childcare in the holiday periods and on bridging days, as well as providing advice on all aspects of combining career/studies with family commitments. The University also provides an hourly childcare service.

Family Services Office is the Main Point of Contact

The Family Services Office is the main point of contact for issues relating to combining career/studies and family life. The Family Services Office is there to help all parenting and caring students and staff with the issues that they face.

Special Services for Special Needs

TU Tandem Mentoring Program

The Family Service Office’s programs are designed to address the particular needs of parenting staff and students and/or staff and students caring for relatives. One such program is the TU Tandem Mentoring Program. Students with family commitments, referred to as mentees within the program, are assigned mentors, students from the same or a related degree program, who provide them with all-round support. Academic Advising also helps parenting students with organizational issues relating to their studies.

Family-Friendly Campus

Childcare in the holiday periods, playgrounds, a parent-child room, diapering facilities, free canteen meals for children aged six or less, sport and travel programs for families and pregnant women, speedy service for parents accompanied by their children in certain University facilities and borrowing toys and games: these are some of the services provided by Technische Universität Berlin as a family-friendly institution.

Family Care Commitments

Staff caring for relatives can reduce their working time for a period of two years or take 10 days’ leave to deal with urgent care situations. These rights are regulated in the laws covering family carers’ leave and carers’ leave. These regulations also provide special protection against dismissal.