Corporate Health Management

Medical Service’s support program

As part of the University’s occupational health care provisions, the Medical Service provides a pre-travel medical examination or consultation session for staff. This addresses such issues as malaria prevention, hygiene and vaccinations. The Medical Service provides you with all the vaccinations you need before traveling. Good to know: It possesses the requisite accreditation as a center for yellow fever vaccination (WHO).

Please note: Preventative measures are obligatory when traveling to the tropics, subtropics and other destinations with extreme climate conditions and high risks of infection.

The Medical Service also offers advice with issues relating to addiction prevention, as well as assistance in finding a therapy. In cooperation with Occupational Health and Safety Services and Environmental Protection, the Medical Service also offers support and advice for the following issues:

  • Returning to work after a longer period of illness (reintegration management (only in German))
  • Developing working structures and staff working patterns designed to promote health,
  • Evaluating potential problems when dealing with harmful substances, including biomonitoring, a process for assessing the damage to humans caused by certain harmful substances in a working environment,
  • Activities, which are potentially harmful to health, such as dealing with radiation or handling dangerous substances.

For further information on all services provided and full contact details visit the Medical Service's pages.

Sport for all: football, climbing, sailing

The University Sports Center (only in German) offers more than 1000 programs, ranging from weekly courses to excursions, dance, massages, active work breaks, and including events such as the Berliner Firmenlauf fundraising run for businesses and other organizations, and the After Work Cup. There are also special programs for women and families. In all, TU Sport offers more than 170 different sports including:

  • Ball sports and games: from badminton, beach volleyball and after work boule games to rugby and “classic” sports such as football, handball, tennis and golf.
  • Fitness and fitness flat rate: fighting fitness, high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.), running, Zumba
  • Health: yoga, Pilates and Qi Gong/Tai Ji Quan
  • Individual sports: archery, bouldering, cycling, trampolining, chess, theater and cabaret, such as improvisation, juggling, magic
  • Martial arts: hapkido, jujitsu, judo, karate, kick boxing, Thai boxing
  • Dance/movement: solo or as a couple: Argentinian tango, ballet, hip-hop, diving, hula hoop, bachata, salsa
  • Water sports: canoeing, rowing, swimming, diving, sailing
  • Special events: walking, climbing and sailing excursions, surfing on the French Atlantic coast, snow sports

More than 40 students from Technische Universität Berlin take part competitively in a dozen Olympic and non-Olympic sports: track and field, modern pentathlon, beach volleyball, hockey, karate, rowing, canoeing, lifesaving, judo, football, sailing, water polo, triathlon, volleyball, handball, synchronized swimming.

Health and Activity Days

Technische Universtität Berlin offers staff an all-round health management program including the Medical Service, a wide-ranging offer of sports and sporting activities, continuing education and advisory programs focusing on health, caring, family and career, addiction prevention, as well occupational, environmental and health protection.

This holistic approach also includes annual health days and events providing information about the University’s health programs as well as programs offered by external organizations.

Health Steering Group

The University’s Health Steering Group is the responsible body for Technische Universität’s health management policies. The steering group develops measures to ensure a systematic health management program and acts as advisory committee for the management of the University as well as staff.