Virtual Tour Through TU Berlin

© Tobias Rosenberg

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Many new students at TU Berlin will be asking themselves: What does my university actually look like? How would I normally get places? The “old hands” would probably rather know if the table tennis tables at the back of the Main Building are still there or check to see if the view from the TU-Hochhaus highrise at Ernst-Reuter-Platz is as wonderful as it was a couple of months ago:

To help get a better idea, we posted the following question to students on TU Berlin’s Instagram profile : “Which locations on the campus would you like to see?” 92 different places were named in their answers. We can’t respond to all of these, but our virtual tour through an empty TU Berlin does feature some real highlights. We hope you enjoy it and don’t get too homesick for TU Berlin. Remember: #TUgetherAtHome: