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#TUgetherAtHome - Taking Part

Whether it’s “must-have” photos of working from home, the ultimate lockdown song list or your favorite reference book: We use our social media channels to invite you to take part in our join-in events and to provide you with insights into the lives of your colleagues and fellow students. You can also take part via email: socialmedia(at)

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Virtual Tour Through TU Berlin

Many new students at TU Berlin will be asking themselves: What does my university actually look like? How would I normally get places? To help get a better idea, we posted the following question on TU Berlin’s Instagram profile: “Which locations on the campus would you like to see?” 92 different places were named in the answers we received. The result is our virtual tour though an empty TU Berlin.

© Tobias Rosenberg

Inspirational Figures

Whether you are a student, a lecturer or a member of staff at TU Berlin: The lecture period began on 20 April 2020 with everyone working from home. Physical distancing can take its toll on our mood and our ability to concentrate. Check out these short inspirational messages from our staff and lecturers.

© Universitätsbibliothek TU Berlin via Facebook

Who’s Keeping You Company?

What do TU members use to cheer up their offices when working from home? Pets, stuffed toys, 3D printed material or perhaps even mini robots? We have created a picture gallery so you can see some of the unusual co-workers who have taken up residence in the offices of our staff and students. Thanks for all your contributions via Facebook and email!

© @saeed.ghoorchian via Instagram

Working from Home in Photographs

Laptop, favorite mug or reading glasses: What do you need to have on your desk so you can work well? A number of you have sent us your photographs of working from home via our social media channels. Visit our photo gallery to check them out!

How to take part and contact us

Inspiration für uns?

Sie haben weitere Ideen, über welche Themen wir aus dem Homeoffice heraus berichten sollen oder wollen selbst einen Beitrag verfassen beziehungsweise mit dem Smartphone aufnehmen? Dann senden Sie eine E-Mail mit dem Betreff #TUgetherAtHome an pressestelle(at)

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Nutzen Sie den Hashtag #TUgetherAtHome für passende Social-Media-Beiträge. Gerne teilen wir Ihre Tweets, Instagram-Storys oder Posts und zeigen damit einmal mehr, was #TUgetherAtHome heißen kann.

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Auch ohne ein Profil auf Facebook, Twitter oder Instagram können Sie sich an unseren Aktionen, etwa bei einem Mitmach-Aufruf, beteiligen. Senden Sie uns einfach eine E-Mail mit Ihrem Beitrag und dem Betreff #TUgetherAtHome an socialmedia(at)