You have questions – Human Resources has the answers

From the time of hire to the end of employment

Do you have questions about your employment? Are you in a management position and want to hire staff? Human Resources is available to answer all your questions. The human resources teams and managers are your point of contact for all matters related to your employment at the University – from the point of hire until the end of your employment at the University. All professors, civil servants, teaching and research assistants, student assistants, and other staff are welcome to contact Human Resources. Human Resources is in charge of personnel files.

Seven teams are responsible for the staff in the seven faculties, central institutions, central institutes in El Gouna (Egypt), IT Service Center Campus Management, Central University Administration, and University Library.

You can learn which team is responsible for you by going to the webpages of Department II - Human Resources and Legal Affairs. There you will also find a description of the responsibilities of the human resources managers.

Where to find forms and templates

Human Resources has put together Topics from A-Z, providing an overview of the most important topics related to personnel matters. It also includes all the relevant forms and templates for hiring administrative and library staff, teaching and research assistants, and student assistants.

Current collective bargaining law

TU Berlin staff covered by collective agreements can access comprehensive information about the current collective agreements implemented at the University (only in German). You can find the collective agreements of the TV-L Berliner Hochschulen and TVÜ-Länder Berliner Hochschulen, the salary tables, and guidelines for recognizing previous experience and employment.

Remuneration legislation for civil servants

On the webpages of the department for Human Resources and Legal Affairs you will find the remuneration tables of Besoldungsordnung A, B, W and R, the Berlin State Act for the Adjustment of Remuneration and Pension (Gesetz zur Anpassung der Besoldung und Versorgung für das Land Berlin) of 2017 and 2018, and the Budget Implementation Act (Haushaltsumsetzungsgesetz) (all of them available only in German).