Official trips

Around 11,000 business trips are undertaken by employees and guests of the TU Berlin every year. At the university there is a travel expenses service area set up specifically for this purpose, which is available to all travelers for important questions relating to the subject of business trips - from the application to the settlement.

From application to settlement

All official trips must be assigned or approved by your manager in writing.

If you would like an overview of

  • How to submit an application for official travel
  • What costs can be reimbursed or not
  • What to consider for official trips abroad
  • Which accommodation can be booked or whether an official trip can be combined with private travel

you can find this information and comprehensive answers to all your other questions in an alphabetical list of topics. The list also includes links to all applications and request forms.

External travelers

External travelers can also conduct an official trip in the official interest of TU Berlin. These include:

  • Employees with a private service contract
  • Invited guests
  • Guest speakers
  • Students and doctoral candidates
  • Grant holders
  • Other individuals not employed at TU Berlin

External travelers can find further information on Traveling Expenses’ webpages for external travelers.