IT Services & Communications Technology

TU Berlin members have access to a wide range of IT application and services. These services are provided by different units depending on the context in which they are required (office and work spaces, mobile working and/or teaching). Please contact the relevant unit with any questions or problems you may have.

Information about your TU account and provisioning

You require a TU Berlin user account (TU account) in order to use the University’s IT services. The process of registering for an account is known as provisioning at TU Berlin.

Staff generally receive the details they require for provisioning from Human Resources prior to commencing employment. Students will be contacted by the Office of Student Affairs as part of the enrollment procedure.

External provisioning can be organized for those working on short-term contracts or projects. Please contact the unit, such as academic chair, where you are working.

Central Services for Staff and Units

Services for individuals

  • Personal email address
  • Personal storage space in the file system (AFS) and TU Berlin’s cloud (tubCloud)
  • Access to TU Berlin’s Wi-Fi via eduroam
  • Access to TU Berlin’s VPN service
  • Software packages (e.g. MS Office, anti-virus software)
  • Access to an online web platform for telephone and video conferences

Working in teams

  • Exchange team mailboxes
  • SharePoint
  • GitLab

Services for departments and units

Additional Services

These are just some of the services available. A complete overview with instructions about how to order, activate and set up the various services can be found on the website of Campus Management (ZECM).

IT in teaching

TU Berlin provides lecturers with extensive support both for in-presence and online teaching.


Teaching materials can be made available to download via TU Berlin´s electronic learning platform ISIS (Information System for Instructors and Students). ISIS can also be used to provide information, submit and grade homework as well to conduct tests including online examinations. You also have the opportunity to work together using wikis and to communicate in forums.


Moses is a system used to schedule and manage courses, exams, and tutorials. Using course schedules and users’ preferences, schedules are drafted that can be used and edited in Moses. Moses also allows users to enter sub-activities (for example homework criteria) for courses and register or manage exam registrations.

Digital Online Teaching

Digital online teaching can take the form of pre-recorded teaching videos or classes conducted live via video conferencing. It is also possible to communicate via forums and (video) chats. The Center for Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation (ZEWK) provides advising and recommendations as well as trainings to help you with these issues.

IT in Lecture Halls

Advising and support for the use of IT-supported services in lecture halls at TU Berlin as well as for recording classes is also available from innoCampus.