Ensuring the Budget is in Check

Ensuring the Budget is in Check

Department III – Finance manages and monitors the University’s income and expenditures and offers a wide array of services.

The Finance Section of Department III provides a comprehensive range of services to employees. These are grouped into five categories:

  • budget
  • cost accounting
  • taxes
  • administrative accounting
  • appointments

In the budget category, you can find the topics budgeting, budget, financial management, budget account and budget law, university financial statistics, student budget, memberships, endowments, pension https://www.static.tu.berlin/assets/reimbursement for professorships, and much more. 

The category cost accounting includes topics such as basic concept for cost accounting, cost centers, cost elements, and fixed asset accounting. 

Under the topic taxes, you can find the University’s tax numbers and information about service accounts, profit tax, value added tax, and regulations on reporting financial information. 

In the administrative accounting category, you can learn about: budget monitoring and account transactions. You can also request your authorization to manage funds. Additionally, you can also find an overview of general advisory offers and other services provided by administrative accounting. For instance, staff can assist you or advise you over the phone on how to process invoices.

In appointments, newly appointed professors can learn how their academic chair is equipped with the necessary resources and what initial steps they need to take in order to manage their appointment funds.

The Personnel Management Section of Department III is responsible for job evaluation as regards paygrade, personnel budgeting, monitoring of overstaffing and allocation of personnel, as well as the adjustment of distribution-of-business plans. It also manages special funds, such as for the master plan.

The Department of Finance also provides important numbers related to business at Technische Universität Berlin:

  • banking details
  • tax numbers
  • identification numbers in the transparency database of Berlin Important numbers

Services A–Z

The services offered by Department III – Finance encompass roughly 140 topics – from A for accounting to V for value added tax. You can find a list and explanation of our responsibilities and services in our A–Z (only in German).