Building and room services

Telephone services, lecture hall technology, office cleaning, moves, room reservation – who can help you with these matters

Many pieces must come together to ensure teaching, research, and work run smoothly every day at Technische Universität Berlin. If something does not work as it should, the question arises: Who can I contact? Who is responsible when the phone stops working, the electronic key doesn’t lock, the office wasn’t cleaned, an office has to be readied for a new colleague, a room has to be reserved for an event, electronic waste has to be disposed, and the heating doesn’t work in the winter?

Department IV – Building and Services Management ensures that the structural and technical requirements for a smooth and productive work day are met. It is responsible for the operation of all buildings and rooms. Its services encompass waste collection, moves, furniture procurement, key services, and telephone maintenance. There is a contact person for nearly every issue. If you would like to reserve a room for non-teaching purposes, the Event Management Team in the Office of Communication, Events and Alumni is available to assist you.


Loaning media technology for courses and events

If you need media technology such as a projector of any kind, audio equipment, microphones and recording devices, or projection screens for your lecture or seminar, you can reserve and borrow these from the Audiovisual Center. Staff will assist you with determining your media needs and holding your courses and events – from sound recording to setting up a multi-channel simultaneous interpreting system in lecture hall H 0104 and the Audimax. Furthermore, the Audiovisual Center offers a variety of services for digitizing analog sound and picture materials, advises on questions about lecture hall technology, and responds to error reports regarding multimedia technology malfunctions or disturbances.

Advising and planning to equip rooms with media technology

Academic chairs who would like to equip their office spaces with media technology such as projectors, projection screens, sound and control systems, and hardware for the implementation of digital learning, can contact the Data/Media Technology Team for information and advice.

Telephone services

If you are new at TU Berlin and need a phone connection for your office or desk, contact the Light-Current Engineering/Telecommunications Team. They can also set up your voicemail, explain how to make a three-way conference call, and ensure that you retain your old number if you move to a new office.

If your phone is not working, please report this via the service mailbox.

Cell phones/business cell phones are procured upon reasoned request only for employees in the Central University Administration and central institutions at TU Berlin by the Vertragsmanagement Team.

Equipping offices with furniture and multifunction devices

Are you a new professor at Technische Universität Berlin looking to set up your office? Your contact is the Contract Management Team (furniture procurement after appointment). The team advises on the planning, procurement, and furnishing of your new office with items such as desks and conference tables, lockable cabinets, open shelves, hanging files, and more.

Both current and new TU Berlin employees should communicate their furniture and equipment needs to their manager.

On the Contract Management Team’s website, you can find all necessary information about purchasing office furniture, chairs, and training and classroom equipment. The items available can be found in the State Administration Office’s catalog (LVwA-Rundschreiben)

The team is also available to assist if you need to rent multifunction devices that copy, fax, scan, and print.



Is your department, academic chair, or are you as an individual employee moving offices? Then contact Moves/Transports/Furniture Storage. Staff there are responsible for planning and carrying out your move and can forward your requests and applications, such as having your telephone re-routed, new furniture delivered, confidential waste bins ordered, or nameplates updated, to the relevant team in Department IV – Building and Services Management.


Cleaning service

If your office hasn’t been cleaned properly or if you notice dirty corners and or messes, or general uncleanliness, you can call or email the contact person for building cleaning or report the problem using the service mailbox. Your message should include

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • The building
  • The room number
  • Details of what needs cleaning

Repairs and key service


If minor repairs have to be carried out, malfunctions rectified or new products manufactured in the areas of metal construction and construction, signage, painting, bricklaying, decoration and carpentry, then these are tasks for the Service Pool.

The Team for Key Systems is responsible if you are experiencing problems with or lose your electronic key.

Employees can submit repair and other requests and report faults and disruptions using the service mailbox.

Reserving rooms for events

Are you planning a symposium, convention, conference, workshop, or other event and looking for suitable rooms or spaces, such as the Lichthof in the Main Building of the University? Our Event Management Team is here to help! The team plans and contributes to more than 1000 events each year and provides support with event organization.

On the Event Management webpages you can learn how to register an event and which deadlines are important.

All room reservations for courses, including lectures, seminars, and tutorials, are made through the innoCampus team.

Building managers & information desks

Overview of building managers and information desks (in German) in TU buildings on the Charlottenburg and Wedding campuses.