Representatives and Ombudspersons

Chief Information Officer

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for developing TU Berlin's IT strategy and determining priorities for strategic plans.


Chief Information Officer

Open Access

The Open Access Officer advises the TU Berlin Executive Board on strategic decisions regarding open access and thus open access to scientific literature and other materials. He/she is in close contact with the Open Access Team of the University Library, which is responsible for operative tasks. 

Prof. Dr.

Vera Meyer

Applied and Molecular Microbiology

+49 30 314-72750

Data Protection

The official data protection officer supervises adherence to data protection regulations, advises and trains members of TU Berlin, and inspects IT processes and research projects. She/he is the contact point for the Berlin Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, the supervisory authority.


Ombudsperson for International Students

TU Berlin is committed to the adherence of the national code for the studies of international students at German universities. The code regulates how international students are to be informed about studies, the admission of international students, and which technical, linguistic, or social guidance they are to receive. International students can contact the ombudsperson with any questions and problems. The ombudsperson is responsible for ensuring the code is upheld.


Fred Mengering

Head, Student counseling

Ombudspersons for Cases of Academic Misconduct

These ombudspersons are to be contacted if academic misconduct is suspected. Academic misconduct may be suspected if, in a scientifically relevant context, false statements are made deliberately or as a result of gross negligence, the intellectual property of others is infringed, or their research activities are impaired in any other way.

Prof. Dr.

Matthias Rötting

Contact professor of DFG at TU Berlin

Prof. Dr.

Sabine Klapp