TU Berlin Civil Clause

At a session of the Academic Senate held on 29 May 1991, TU Berlin passed a resolution to uphold the conditions laid down by the Allies and not conduct any research relating to armaments. In doing so the University recognized its responsibilities and the role it played before and during World War II, particularly in the area of armaments research.

The wording of the Academic Senate's resolution is as follows:

"The Academic Senate (AS) welcomes the discussion within the University aimed at preventing armaments research at TU Berlin even after the conditions imposed by the Allies have ceased to apply. The members of the Academic Senate agree that armaments research should not be conducted at TU Berlin.

Furthermore, the AS is also aware that it is not possible to protect the results of scientific research from misuse by third parties for military purposes.

Consequently, TU Berlin and its research institutes may not accept any contracts or grants for armament-related research. In cases of doubt, the applicant is to provide proof that the intended research objective does not primarily serve military purposes.

Should it not be possible to resolve such doubts, TU Berlin will not undertake the administration of funds for armament-related research projects, in deviation from Section 25 (4) of the Framework Act for Higher Education (HRG). TU Berlin does not conclude employment contracts with full-time staff in such research projects funded by third-party funding.

Each applicant for research projects is required to declare that the project in question does not serve military purposes. The president is to instruct the University administration to amend the project announcement form accordingly.

Furthermore, no funds will be provided by TU Berlin internal research funding for armament-related research."