Vocational training at Technische Universität Berlin

Technische Universität Berlin also offers the opportunity to learn a profession. The University currently has 140 trainees pursuing traineeships in 15 professional categories including: brewer, chemical laboratory assistant, construction material tester or materials tester, electrician for energy and building technology, mechatronic technician, administrative officer and IT specialist.

Traineeships are offered on the basis of the dual professional training model, meaning that programs are held both at Technische Universität Berlin and at a vocational college. The traineeships are recognized and certified by the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Berlin Chamber of Crafts and the Verwaltungsakademie Berlin (academy of administration). Vocational Training Services is the main contact for all questions relating to traineeships, such as the specific content of programs as well as for information on how to apply.

Trainees demonstrating sufficient aptitude during their traineeship also have the opportunity to study for a degree at Technische Universität Berlin upon completion of their program.

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Become a practical instructor

If you are interested in working with young people and would like to pass on your knowledge of administration, you can become a practical instructor for administrative employees.

Technische Universität Berlin staff wishing to receive training within their area of work should also contact Vocational Training Services.

Internships for School Students – First Steps Towards a Successful Career

“What do you want to do with your life?” Once you turn 14 or 15, you will be hearing this question more and more. Some people are lucky enough to know at an early age that they want to be a researcher, a train driver or an engineer. For others it is much harder to know exactly what they want to do with their lives. Technische Universität Berlin offers high school students two to three-week internships to introduce them to the world of work. The internships are aimed at students in the 8th to 11th grades.

Internships are available in:

  • Six faculties
  • The University Library
  • Administrative units
  • The University’s central institutes, including the Modern Language Center and the Center for Electron Microscopy
  • The main work shop

If you think you would like to set up your own business at some stage, then a placement in Technische Universität’s Center for Entrepreneurship would be a good option for you. If your interest lies more in the area of vehicle technology and electromobility, then your best option would be to apply to Faculty V Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems. For those of you whose interest is in natural physics and finding out more about electroscopy and light microscopy, a placement in the Center for Electron Microscopy would be ideal.

The Academic Advising team is your main contact for a work placement at Technische Universität. Visit their webpages for contact information, full details of all placements available including how to apply and much more besides.