Dual Career Services at Technische Universität Berlin

While applying for your professorship, your senior management position in administration or as an external ERC grantee at Technische Universität Berlin, you probably asked yourself:

  • What are career prospects like in Berlin for my partner?
  • Which school or kindergarten would be best for our children?
  • How can we find somewhere to live?
  • What is life like in Berlin?

The Dual Career Service offers advice, contacts and information to help you and your family settle in the German capital.

Our service is for:

  • Newly appointed professors
  • Newly appointed junior professors
  • Management with senior positions in administration
  • External ERC grantees

What we offer

We provide the following services to help your partner gain an overview of their professional situation in Berlin, find the right position, and develop their career:

  • Analysis of professional goals and developing the right career strategy
  • Sharpening and enhancing of professional profile
  • Advice on professional opportunities in Berlin and Brandenburg
  • Contact to potential employers and research institutes
  • An ongoing job search and application advice and support service, including help with preparing effective application documents

We also help you settle in Berlin by providing information on:

  • Childcare
  • The school system
  • The housing market
  • Everyday life, culture, and leisure activities

Full details of all the many services we offer are directly available from our Dual Career Service.


Room EB 326