Advancement of Junior Scholars and Management - Finding the Right Career Path

What are my options now that I have completed my degree? Every graduate of a bachelor’s or master’s program has surely asked themselves this question. Should I pursue a career in business, in administration, in health care provision, culture or education or should I follow an academic career path? Technische Universität Berlin’s goal is to introduce its graduates to all possible career options both within academia and beyond, and to equip them to be able to switch between these two spheres throughout their careers.

Doctorate, postdoc, professorship - the three main stages in an academic career

Programs are available at all three stages to provide young academics with specific support measures to help them acquire their doctorate, to develop their academic profile during the postdoc phase, to prepare for a position as a professor, as well as ultimately to obtain a life-long professorship.

In addition to pursuing an individual doctorate under the supervision of a professor, and post-doctoral work in an academic chair, the mechanisms for the advancement of junior scholars provided by Technische Universität Berlin also include research training groups, Emmy Noether junior research groups or Heisenberg professorships, all run by the German Research Foundation (DFG), and programs operated by Technische Universität Berlin itself, such as funding of temporary positions for principal investigators or Tenure Track.

The main contact for questions relating to an academic career is the Center for Junior Scholars (CJS). 

A range of programs is also available for junior scholars wishing to acquire interdisciplinary skills and to train for managerial tasks. This includes the part-time master’s degree in Science Management/Science Marketing with Focus on Science Management at Technische Universität Berlin.

New generation of administration managers

Training the next generation of administration managers is another important aspect of our sustainable staff development policy. We operate a number of specific programs to achieve this goal:

Junior management program START

START offers prospective managers the opportunity to develop their own leadership style. Training is provided in communication and counseling, including coaching in conflict management. Participants are also given a thorough grounding in the tasks of staff management.

General Management Program

Workshops and seminars offered in the General Management Program address issues such as the role of the annual appraisal meeting as a central management tool, fundamentals of labor law for management, a leadership “checkup” for experienced management, time management, self-management and work management as well as the importance of developing relations with staff.

Coaching and Team Building programs

Management positions require you to take on new leadership or project management roles, manage complex change processes and implement targeted action to ensure that staff are not overworked. Our Coaching and Team Building programs are designed to help you manage these tasks and challenges effectively.

Verwaltungslehrgang II

Administrative staff looking to undertake more senior tasks can take the administrative course Verwaltungslehrgang II at the Verwaltungsakademie Berlin.

Science Management/Science Marketing with Focus on Science Management

The part-time master’s program in Science Management/Science Marketing with Focus on Science Management is specifically aimed at addressing the increasing need for professionalization resulting from the growing competition in the science system. The curriculum links the fundamentals of management based on the latest scientific findings with practical examples from the area of science. Participants independently develop concepts for real clients during the program.

This continuing education program is intended for upper-middle-level employees seeking to acquire new skills and qualifications, as well as upper-level employees wishing to take on leading positions within the Central University Administration or faculty administrations at Technische Universität Berlin.