Faculty VII - Economics and Management

Lectureships at the Faculty VII - Economics and Management

The Faculty VII - Economics and Management awards lectureships on a semester basis upon application by the chair holder

The basis for the awarding is the BerlHG (§ 120), the "Grundordnung" of the TU (§ 18, § 25) and the corresponding TU guidelines on remuneration. 
(see box below "Legal basis")

To apply for a lectureship, please proceed as follows:

  1. The following deadlines for submitting applications must be taken into account: 
    by February 28 of the year for the respective following SoSe
    by August 31 of the year for the respective following WiSe

    Note: Applications submitted later cannot be considered for the respective semester.

  2. The application must be sent in the form of the Excel spreadsheet provided (was sent by mail) by the chair holder/administration via mail attachment to lehrplanung@wm.tu-berlin.de by the deadline.
    Note: The Excel spreadsheet (request them from us again if necessary) must be sent unchanged in its form (please do not add or delete columns!) as .xls or .xlsx. Pdf formats cannot be considered! Several lectureships can be requested per Excel form. Please just create accordingly many rows. The signature of the chair holder or the head of the institute on the form is not required.

  3. A completed personnel questionnaire for each lectureship applied for must be attached to the application by mail.
    Note: Due to the digitalization of the application process, the personnel questionnaire must also be submitted digitally via pdf format if a personnel questionnaire has already been submitted up to and including WiSe 2020/21. 

  4. The application will be reviewed by us and, if correct and complete, submitted to the respective Institute Director for review and then submitted to the Faculty Council/Dean for issuance.

  5. This is followed by the granting of the teaching assignment by the dean.
    Note:The teaching assignment is only bindingly granted when the lecturer receives a letter from the dean "granting a teaching assignment" (usually by mail). Without this issuance, no teaching assignment has come into existence and no payment can be made. The mere application for a teaching assignment is not sufficient for subsequent payment!

  6. If necessary, the lecturer can waive the remuneration for the teaching assignment. 
    Note: According to the BerlHG, the lecturer can waive the remuneration of the teaching assignment after it has been granted. To do so, the lecturer must complete and sign the waiver form and send it by e-mail to lehrplanung@wm.tu-berlin.de

  7. The chair administration must create an external account (= provisioning of external persons) once for each lecturer via the TU portal.
    Note: Without the creation of an external account, a later payment of the teaching assignment is unfortunately not possible! The department receives the required data with the personnel questionnaire (see point 3). Instructions, hints and a help contact on the procedure for creating an external TU account can be viewed here.   

  8. Each lecturer submits the completed payment order, which has been confirmed as "factually correct" by the department, as well as a list of participants as an attachment no later than 14 days after the end of his/her teaching assignment.
    Note: The disbursement order must be submitted in original/paper form due to the signatures. For postal addresses, see right contact box "Contact person and postal address". 

Contact and postal address

Office H 30
Address Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin
NoteThe secretarial mark "H 30" must be included in the postal address!