Faculty VII - Economics and Management

Evaluation at the Faculty VII Economics and Management

On the following subpages on evaluation procedures and teaching awards you will find various information within the framework of the evaluation carried out by Faculty VII - Business and Management and supported by the central university administration.

In addition to course evaluations conducted on a semester-by-semester basis, program surveys are conducted at least once a year on all programs offered by the Faculty. The results of these course surveys are presented at the annual teaching conference for each course and evaluated with all faculty status groups. The results of these evaluations are taken into account in possible adjustments to study and examination regulations.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on this topic, please send an e-mail to evaluation [at] wm.tu-berlin.de.

Course evaluation

The teaching evaluation serves as a feedback instrument for teachers and students. In addition, it contributes to the improvement of communication between teachers and students as well as to the quality development of studies, teaching and continuing education.

The teaching evaluation at Faculty VII has been carried out since the winter semester 2014 to 2018 through a system rotating over four semesters for all courses. In this system, all courses in the compulsory area were evaluated every two semesters, and all other courses were evaluated every four semesters.

In 2018, the course evaluation system was completely switched to online surveys. As a result, all courses offered by Faculty VII have been evaluated every semester since then. This amounts to between 150 and 250 courses participating in the online evaluation each semester.

The results are discussed by the lecturers in the respective courses with the students in the same semester. In addition, the results are made available internally at the university. Please see the note below for more information.


Office H 30
Room H 3136

Reporting a course for evaluation

As already described above, Faculty VII usually evaluates all courses that take place each semester. You will receive unsolicited information from the evaluation team by the beginning of the lecture period of the respective semester at the latest. Therefore, you do NOT need to report your course for evaluation individually via this page!

If you have not been contacted or if you would like to have your course evaluated out of turn, please notify us of your need using the online form below for one course at a time.

Important note

The results of the course evaluations and the internal faculty rankings may only be published within the university for reasons of data protection!

If you would like to receive one or more of the evaluation results, please send an email to evaluation [at] wm.tu-berlin.de. Please indicate which evaluation(s) you would like to receive and provide proof of your TU affiliation (e.g. scan of your enrollment certificate, link to the department page). If this is not enclosed with the mail, your mail can unfortunately not be processed. 

We would also like to point out that, for reasons of data protection, it is not permitted to pass on the evaluation to persons outside the university.