Faculty VII - Economics and Management

Partner Universities

Faculty VII has its own partnerships with foreign universities. However, it is also possible to apply for cooperations with other faculties, provided that modules in the specific field of study can be taken during the exchange.

An overview of the partnerships of Faculty VII can be found here. The university partnerships are usually supervised by a responsible university teacher. Therefore, you can find more detailed information about the partnerships on the websites of the responsible Chairs, which are linked below.

Depending on the cooperation, the ISCED-code determines more or less closely which courses can be attended at the partner university. As a rule, the courses in the course overview and in the Learning Agreement must match the ISCED code.

However, since it is not always known which universities will eventually offer the right courses for the respective degree programs, here is an overview of students from Faculty VII who went abroad with the ERASMUS+ programs between 2015 and 2018.

This is especially interesting for students of NaMa (Sustainable Management), MINE and VWL (Economics), because their choice of courses is limited by their chosen specialization. Therefore the attached PDF provides a first indication of universities in Europe where modules have been chosen which correspond to their respective degree programs.

Freemover - Self-organized study abroad

Studying abroad is also possible without an ERASMUS+ or overseas scholarship as a freemover at the desired university. However, the credits of modules taken abroad can only be acknowledged at TU Berlin if the Learning Agreement is approved by the Examination Board. It is therefore essential to make arrangements prior to the stay abroad.

Universities in Europe are largely publicly funded, therefore low tuition fees imply (exception: England). BAfÖG or an education loan can be applied for. Foreign tuition fees are subsidized within the framework of "Auslands-BAfÖG" with up to approx. 4.600 € p.a.  

Further information on "Auslands-BAfÖG" can be found here.

Under certain circumstances, exchange programs from other disciplines can also be applied for. In this case, the approval of the partner university and, if applicable, the responsible professors is required. An above-average qualification and a subject-based study or research project are a prerequisite for this kind of exchange.