Faculty VII - Economics and Management

Partner institutions

Faculty VII has its own cooperations with universities abroad. However, there is also the possibility to apply for cooperations of other faculties, provided that modules in the own field of study can be taken there.

A summary of the partnerships of Faculty VII can be found here. The cooperations are usually supervised by a responsible university professor. Therefore, you can find detailed information about the partnerships on the websites of the departments. You will find these linked below.

Depending on the cooperation, the ISCED code roughly determines which courses can be taken at the partner university. As a rule, the courses in the course outline and in the learning agreement must match the ISCED code accordingly.

However, since one does not always know which universities ultimately offer the right courses for the respective degree program, here is an overview of students of Faculty VII who went abroad between 2015 - 2018 via TU through the ERASMUS+ program.

This is especially interesting for students of the NaMa, MINE and VWL programs, as they are restricted in their choice of courses due to their economic major. Thus, the attached PDF offers a first overview about universities in Europe where modules have been chosen that correspond to your study program. 

Chances of success at the various universities

For each ERASMUS+ cooperation there is an agreed number of places that we can allocate to students. This leads to the fact that for popular cooperations the number of applications exceeds the number of places, so that the chances of actually getting one of the coveted places decrease.

Therefore, we have compiled a document that indicates for all collaborations at Faculty VII how high the chance was to get a place at the different partner institutions in the past year. This overview is not meant to discourage you from applying to your favorite collaborations. It is only meant to provide you with a way to rank your chances in order to give you the best possible chance of being able to take advantage of a study exchange.

Please understand that we cannot assess individual chances.