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Additional opportunities for a stay abroad

As a student of the TU Berlin, you have the opportunity to plan a stay abroad in the context of an internship, summer/winter school or self-organized during your studies, in addition to the usual exchange programs. You are not bound to the partner universities and cities for which cooperation already exists, but can choose the place and institution according to your wishes.

Many courses of study require an internship for obtaining a degree, which can also be completed abroad. It is also possible to combine an internship with an already planned stay abroad.

Summer and Winter Schools offer the opportunity to take intensive courses during the semester break, often with students from different countries and institutions. They offer an ideal opportunity to deepen your knowledge of a subject and to get to know other students with similar interests.

As a freemover, you have the opportunity to spend your time abroad at a university of your choice. The organizational effort is a bit more complex, but you have more freedom in choosing the university and possibly courses.

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Internships abroad

Information on internships abroad and possibilities for financing.

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Summer and winter schools

Visit a summer or winter school at TU Berlin or abroad during the semester break? Find more informations here!