Faculty VII - Economics and Management
Faculty VII - Economics and Management

Office of the Examination Boards NaMa, VWL, IMES and MInE

Online consultation hour of the examination advisory board

We will advise you in advance of your applications to the examination board and answer your questions about them.

Please find out about the following before using the consultation hours
the regulations in your study and examination regulations,
the module catalog of your study program in MOSES as well as 
the forms to be submitted and the requirements for applications to the examination board
For general questions concerning your study program, please consult the faculty's Student Counseling!

Tuesdays, 10:00 - 11:30 am (only during the lecture period!): 

Link to the online consultation hour of the examination advisory service. 
Please log in with your microphone and camera on and wait in the virtual waiting room until you are invited to join the video conference. 


Sarah Noordeloos

Office of the examination boards


+49 30 314-24980

Office H 31
Room H 3138

Examination Boards

Examination Board NaMa, IME(S)

Status GroupName  
ProfessorsProf. Dr. Axel von WerderChair 
ProfessorsProf. Dr. Katrin TalkeVice Chair 
ProfessorsProf. Dr. Jan KratzerVice Chair 
Research AssistantsKristian BänschMember 
StudentsSofia Edroso StroebeMember 

Examination Board VWL, Economics, MInE

Status GroupName  
ProfessorsProf. Dr. Georg MeranChair 
ProfessorsProf. Dr. Frank HeinemannVice Chair 
ProfessorsProf. Dr. Marco RunkelVice Chair 
Research AssistantsCharlotte RochellMember 
StudentsChristian Thoms-MeyerMember 


ProfessorsProf. Dr. Dodo zu Knyphausen-Aufseß
ProfessorsProf. Dr. Thomas Volling
Research AssistantsAngelica Rocio Coll Torrado
StudentsFranziska Lehmann


Research AssistantsHelene Eckhardt 
StudentsFriedrich Wicke 

E-mail address of the examination boards:


Postal address of the examination boards:

TU Berlin
Fakultät VII
H 31
Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin

Faculty VII Grading Key

Resolution of the Faculty Board of 28.05.2014 - FKR VII-4/8-28.05.2014:

The FKR resolves that starting with the summer semester 2014, all portfolio examinations within Faculty VII will be graded based on the 100-point scheme using the following uniform grading key. It is recommended that this grading scale also be used for written exams.

Grade:   from Points:

1,0       90
1,3       85
1,7       80
2,0       76
2,3       72
2,7       67
3,0       63
3,3       59
3,7       54
4,0       50

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