Faculty VII - Economics and Management

Student Counseling NaMa, VWL und MInE

Consultation hours

The weekly office hours of the student advisory service for the courses NaMa, VWL (Eco) and MInE (MINE) take place as indicated below exclusively during the lecture period.

Mondays, 2 pm - 4 pm: in room H3139

Wednesdays, 9 am - 11 pm: Online Consultation (<- Link), Meeting Code: 246810  

Please log in with your microphone and camera turned on and wait in the virtual waiting room until an advisor invites you to the video conference. 

During the semester break, personal consultations take place only by individual appointment. Please contact the Student Advisory Service directly by e-mail


Room H 3139

Contact Persons

Ewelina JagowskiCourse Guidanceabroad[at]wm.tu-berlin.de; help[at]wm.tu-berlin.deH 3139 / H 3141
Felix Droste zu SendenCourse Guidancehelp[at]wm.tu-berlin.deH 3139
Andrea LagodaCourse Guidancehelp[at]wm.tu-berlin.deH 3139

Study counseling for the 4th examination attempt

According to BerlHG § 30 para. 4, students are granted an additional examination attempt per module beyond the regulations of the AllgStuPO by participating in a subject advising session. 
This means that in addition to the existing three attempts to successfully pass a module examination, a further fourth attempt can be added if one undergoes a study subject consultation. This subject consultation only takes place after three examinations in a module have not been passed - free attempts are not counted. 

The proof of the course guidance should be received by the Examinations Department - Team 5 within 6 weeks after the failed third examination attempt in a module. In the case of difficulties in scheduling an appointment, it is sufficient in exceptional cases to notify the advisor of an appointment within the deadline. If the consultation is not proven within 6 weeks or the appointment proven within 6 weeks is not attended, the entitlement to a further examination attempt expires. The module is then considered to have been definitively failed. 

In order to successfully complete the course advising appointment, the following items must be observed submitted by the student: 

  1. the completed and signed registration form is to be sent by mail to: pruefungsausschuss@wm.tu-berlin.de
  2. a complete performance overview, which must also show the failed 3rd examination attempt.
  3. an independently written short statement showing the planned further course of studies until graduation.  

Important notes:

This consultation is not a content or module-specific examination consultation, but a general subject consultation for the 4th examination attempt according to the BerlHG. If you wish to have an exam-specific consultation, you must also visit the respective examiner. However, a discussion with the examiner does not replace the required subject advising according to the BerlHG!

After the consultation, a confirmation will be issued, without which the 4th examination attempt may not be taken. This confirmation must be submitted to the Examinations Department, Team 5, but also to the examiner.