Faculty VII - Economics and Management

Contribution of the Faculty to the TUB Future Research Concept

core areasarea themesresponsible professors
strategy, markets and consumersSustainable and strategic management, behavioral accounting, performance reporting, capital markets, behavioral and consumer research, digital servicesmacroeconomics / microeconomics / econometrics and business statistics / controlling and accounting / strategic leadership and global management / experimental economics / digital markets / finance and investment
entrepreneurship, innovation and technologyinnovation networks, project management, start-up financing, creativity, standardization, innovation marketing, patent law, intellectual property managemententrepreneurship and innovation management / finance and investment / marketing / technology and innovation management / law of business and technology / innovation economics
health economics and technologyhealth economics and policy, patient-centred research, health technology assessment, controlling in health serviceshealth care management / Public Sector and Health Economics / health care services research and quality management in the ambulatory care sector / controlling and accounting
infrastructure and mobilityinfrastructure networks, infrastructure policy, smart grids, information networkseconomic and infrastructure policy
logistics, supply-chain- and information managementinternational logistics and production networks and technologies, mobility logisticsproduction and pperations management / logistics / information and communication management
logistics, supply-chain- and information managementlow carbon technologies, electric-mobility, energy and climate policy, management of limited resourcesenergy and resource management / energy and climate policy