Faculty VII - Economics and Management

"Habilitation" (post-doctoral qualification) at the Faculty of Economics and Management

The "Habilitation" serves as a qualification for a teaching career in higher education. It is regulated by the "Habilitation" regulations ("Habilitationsordnung") of the Faculty of Economics and Management at TU Berlin.

The "Habilitation" is of particular importance for scientists who aspire to a university career, since the "Habilitation" is traditionally a prerequisite for appointment as a professor. With the amendment of the Higher Education Act (introduction of junior professorships), the "Habilitation" is no longer a standard prerequisite for a university teaching career.

Formal requirements for a "Habilitation" are a scientific university degree and a doctorate. General requirements are sufficient achievements in teaching (evidenced by independent teaching activities) and in research (evidenced by a comprehensive monograph or by already published research results).

General information on the post-doctoral qualification ("Habilitation") procedure

Barbara Engel

Coordination of the post-doctoral process


Office H 30
Room H 3140