Faculty VII - Economics and Management

Welcome to the doctoral program „Berlin Industrial Engineering and Management“ (BIEM)

TU Berlin’s doctoral program “Berlin Industrial Engineering and Management” (BIEM) lends support to doctoral students in their pursuit of a doctoral degree. While this program is aimed primarily at the internal and external doctoral students at Faculty VII, doctoral candidates from other faculties can also profit from BIEM, provided their research relates to economics and engineering topics.
BIEM’s primary commitment is to offering high-quality training to young scholars with the goal of producing excellent researchers.
By providing young scholars research-oriented courses, close and structured scientific support as well as supervision, BIEM offers early career researchers the opportunity to develop the necessary skills and competences to successfully conduct their own research projects.

Candidates seeking to enroll in the BIEM program must be in possession of a signed agreement of supervision with a professor at Faculty VII and be registered as a doctoral student at TU Berlin.

Whether BIEM is an offering suitable to your actual interests can be answered by clicking on the tile that best identifies you, below.

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