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The doctorate is the acquisition of the doctoral degree at a scientific university within the framework of an examination procedure, which is governed at the TU Berlin by doctoral regulations.

This scientific work makes an important contribution to the development of the latest scientific findings and to their transfer and application in practice.

Possibilities for a doctorate at the Faculty of Economics and Management

The formal requirement for the doctorate is a scientific university degree (Diplom, Master, Magister, State Examina) in the subject area of the respective doctoral degree. General requirements are the successful completion of a research thesis (dissertation) and a passed oral examination (scientific defense).

A doctorate at the Faculty of Economics and Management can be completed as part of a position as a research associate, within structured doctoral programs or as an external doctorate.

The Faculty VII Economics and Management can award the following doctorates:

  • Doctor of Engineering Sciences (Dr.-Ing.),
  • Doctor of Economic Sciences (Dr. rer. oec.) or
  • Doctor of Public Health (Dr. P.H.).

Doctoral Procedure at the Faculty of Economics and Management

Application as a doctoral candidate

You can and should register your intention to do a doctorate as soon as you have found a formulated research project (exposé) and a supervisor. The applicable doctoral regulations and implementation regulations can be found in the box on the right.

Click here for the application form

In addition to the application form, the following documents are required:

  • Brief description or synopsis of the planned dissertation project (exposé)
  • Work and time schedule for the dissertation project
  • Signed current curriculum vitae in tabular form with information on date and place of birth, citizenship and highest school degree
  • Completely filled out data sheet - download data sheet
  • Certified copy of certificates and diplomas of university degrees and transcripts (list of grades and courses) or simple copy upon presentation of the original. If the documents are not in German or English, please submit a certified translation.
  • Simple copy (not the original!) of the supervision agreement. Here you can find a template for the supervision agreement. The template can be modified or supplemented as needed.

Please submit all documents by post or in person to the responsible person at the Faculty Service Center. After the documents have been checked, the Dean's decision on the application will follow, after which you will receive an application confirmation from the Faculty Service Center.

The registration of the intention to do a doctorate at the faculty is a prerequisite for enrollment as a doctorate student at TU Berlin. The enrollment takes place via the Office of Student Affairs.

Application for admission to the doctoral procedure

Once you have completed your doctoral thesis, you can apply for admission to the doctoral procedure. Contact the Faculty Service Center in advance (promotionen(at)wm.tu-berlin.de), and announce that you want to submit your dissertation and the application. You will then receive a link where you can upload your dissertation and other documents as a PDF.

In the application, you can propose, among other things, the desired evaluators. Please pay special attention to § 5 (2) and § 6 (3) and (4) of the doctorate regulations. You can also make a proposal for the chair of the doctoral committee. Please follow the requirements of the doctoral regulations and consult with your supervisor in advance.

In addition to this application, the completed dissertation in bound form must be submitted to the Faculty Service Center. As a rule, generally, three copies are sufficient.

Please refer to the form to see what other documents are required. You can use regular mail or interoffice mail ("Hauspost") to submit your documents or drop them off in person at the Faculty Service Center by appointment.

Here you can find the application form

Scientific defense

After the opening of the doctoral procedure by the dean and the receipt of the reports of the evaluators by the faculty administration, the scientific defense follows.

The current dates of the scientific defences at Faculty VII can be found here.


After the scientific defense, you must fulfill your publication obligation within twelve months (extension only in exceptional cases upon request). The Dissertation Office of the University Library of TU Berlin is responsible for this.

You will receive a acknowledgment of receipt from the University Library Dissertation Office upon completion of publication, a copy of which is regularly sent to the faculty administration.

Your doctoral certificate will then be ordered and handed over to you after a few weeks or sent to your current postal address. This completes the doctorate and you are entitled to use the corresponding doctoral degree.

Contact, consultation hour and ombudspersons

Especially for the career planning of female doctorate students, the faculty organizes fireside evenings with a focus on scientific and non-scientific careers as well as the Women's Career Week in cooperation with the women's representative of the faculty.

General information regarding the doctoral procedure

Ombudsperson for doctoral candidates

Representatives for Doctoral Candidates

Office H 30
Room H 3140

Consultation hour for doctorate via Zoom: Tuedays 09.30 – 11.00 a.m. 

Please log in and wait in the virtual waiting room until you are admitted.

Consultation is canceled from April 30 to May 21, 2024