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Information Expert Passport Program - Description

In the modern information society, the sovereign handling of information, the so-called information literacy, is a key qualification whose relevance is constantly increasing. Information literacy consists of the following areas:

  • Defining information needs
  • Finding information
  • Evaluating information
  • Processing & presenting information

We offer as part of our program for:

  • beginners (freshmen, bachelor students), 
  • advanced students (=bachelor and master students) and 
  • experts (researchers) 


  • library courses
  • learning videos and
  • guides.

These cover all four areas of information literacy at each knowledge level. So you learn relevant skills exactly when you need them. To receive your personal Information Expert Passport, complete the mandatory elements of the program. Click on the relevant knowledge level to access the learning elements.

Some disciplines require completion of the Information Expert Passport for writing a thesis at the discipline. Find out how you can demonstrate attendance at our learning opportunities here:


Video "Becoming an information expert"

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