Economics and Management Library


Business Management

BA Business management, general

BAA Business Administration Studies, Overall Presenations

BAC Business Administration Studies, Subject, Methods

BAE Business Administration Studies, Details

BAG *Business Administration Studies, History

BAS *Business Administration Studies, Commemorative Publications,

BAT  *Business Administration Studies, Conference Reports, Progress

BAZ *Office Organization

*Notations marked with an asterisk will not be reassigned.

BB Possible Structures of Enterprise

BBA Forms of Business Organisation

BBE Entrepreneurship

BBH Mergers, Types Merger, Economic

BBP Business Enterprises, Planned Economy

BBS Plant Location

BBW Plant Size, Corporate Growth

BD Business Management

BDA Business Management

BDC Corporate Policy

BDD Environmental Management

BDE Internal Company Decisions 

BDH Planning, Economic

BDK Management Control and Internal Revision

BDO Organization

BDS Computer Sciences in Business

BDT Knowledge Management

BDX In-Company Information Technology

BE Financial Management

BEA Financial Management

BEC Methods of Financing, Financing Instruments

BEH Financing Plan, Budgetary Control, Financial Reporting

BEK Business Apparaisal

BEN Financing, Special Cases

BES Investment, Economoic

BF Materials Management and Control

BFA Materials Management and Control

BFC Procurement, Purchasing

BFG Inventory Management, General

BFI Maintenance, Replacement

BFN Logistics

BFP Materials Science, Product Quality and Merchandise Technology

BG Manufactoring

BGA Manufactoring, General, Fixed-Asset Management

BGF Manufacturing Typology, Manufactoring Organization

BGN Production Planning

BGP Manufactoring Control // Production Control / The Canban System

BGS Labor Economics, General

BGT Wages, Economic

BGU Industrial Safety, Industrial Medicine

BGW Research and Development

BGX System Engineering

BH Sales, Marketing, Distribution

BHA Sales, Distribution

BHF Market Research, Sales Psychology

BHK Sales Planning

BHM Advertising, Public Relations

BHP Marketing Policy

BHS Distribution

BHT Marketing Organisation

BHV Sale, Execution of Distribution

BI Human Resources Management , Social Services


BIA Human Resources Management

BIM Works Constitution, Economic

BIS Social Services on Company Level

BIW In-Company Training

BK Accounting

BKA Accounting, General

BKC Accounting, Branches of Industry

BKD Financial Accounting

BKE Chart of Accounts

BKI Annual Statement of Accounts, General

BKN Annual Statement of Account, Details

BKP Group Accounting

BKQ Financial Statement Analysis, Critical Appraisal of Balance Sheet

BKR Cost Accounting, General

BKT Cost Accounting, Details

BKX Standard Costing

BKZ Business Statistics

BL Auditing, Consulting and Trusteeship

BLA Auditing

BLD Business Consulting

BLG Trusteeship

BLL Operational Analysis, External Analysis

BLT Government Tax Audit

BM Company Tax Law

BMA Company Tax Law

BMD Tax Balance Sheet

BMG Theory of Taxation, Forms of Business Organization

BN Health Economics / Public Health Management

BNA Health Economics / Health Care Management, general

BNB Methods of Evaluation

BNC Resource allocation and distribution

BND Epidemiology, Health Reporting, Health Sociologye

BNE Prevention, Health Education

BNF Disease Management, Therapies

BNG Pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, biotechnology, food technology

BNH Physician / medical practices / outpatient care

BNI Integrated care

BNK Hospital system

BNL Nursing, Rehabilitation

BNO -Health, ICT in the healthcare sector

BNP Patient

BO Industrial Management

BOA Industrial Management, General

BOB Factory Planning, Factory Building

BOC Branches of Industry (Economically)

BOX Industrial Enterprises, Commemorative Publications and Company

BOZ Industrial Eterprises, Business Reports, Annual Reports

BP Business Studies: Handicraft

BPA Business Studies: Handicraft, General

BPC Branches of Handicraft

BPX Craft Enterprises, Commemorative Publications and Company

BR Business Studies: Commerce

BRA Business Studies: Commerce, General

BRC Commerce, Organizational Forms

BRH Foreign Trade (Economically)

BRN Commerce, Accounting

BRP Commerce, Company Policy

BRS Commerce, Market Fairs, (Economically)

BRU Commerce, Branches of Industry (Economically)

BRX Trading Concerns, Commemorative Publications and Company

BRZ Trading Concerns, Business Reports

BS Business Studies: Banking

BSA Business Studies Banking, General

BSB Banking Supervision, Legal Basis

BSC Bank Types (Economically)

BSE External Banking (Economically)

BSG Banking Transactions

BSL Bank Organization

BSN Bank Accountancy

BSP Banking Policy

BSS Stock Exchange, Securities Trading

BSX Banks, Commemorative Publications and Company Publications

BSZ Banks, Business Reports

BT Business Studies: Actuarial Science

BTA Business Studies: Actuarial Science, General

BTC Classes of Insurance

BTX Insurance Companies, Commemorative Publications and Company Publications

BTZ Insurance Companies, Business Reports

BV Business Studies: Transport and Communication

BVA Business Administration of Transport and Communications, General

BVC Transport, bwl., General

BVF Forwarding Companies, Warehousing Companies

BVH News Transport Company

BVX Transport companies, Festive and Corporate Publications

BVZ Transport companies, Annual reports

BW Business Management, miscellaneous

BWA Business Administration and Public Enterprises

BWB Business Administration of Agriculture

BWL Business Administration of Services

BWX Undertakings, Other, Festive and Corporate Publications

BWZ Companies, Other, Annual Reports


VA Economics, general

VAA Economics, general

VAC Economics, Object, Methods

VAH Buisness Philosophy

VAS Economics, Festschriften, Biographies

VAT Economics, Conference Proceedings

VB History of Theories, Economic Theories

VBA History of Theories

VBD Economic Theories, Pre-Classical

VBE Economic Theories, Classical

VBF Economic Theories, Socialism

VBG Economic Theories, Historicism, Institutionalism

VBH Economic Theories, Marginal Utility School

VBI Economic Theories, recent

VD Economic Order

VDA Economic Systems

VDC Economic Order, General

VDD Planned Economy, Central Administration Economy

VDH Market Economy

VDI Property

VDK Competition, Industrial Economics

VDO Articulated Economy, "Middle Way"

VDS Market Economy, Social

VF Economic Process, Economic Structure

VFA Business Process

VFD National Income, National Wealth

VFE Economic and Social Statistics

VFF Total Accounts, vwl.

VFG Allocation

VFK Economic Structure

VFM Regional Economics

VFP Site Science, vwl.

VFS Population

VFV Behavioral Research, Economic

VFW Decision Theory, Economic

VG Production

VGA Production, Theory of Enterprise

VGG Soil, Environment

VGK Capital, vwl.

VGO Technology, vwl., Technical Progress

VGR Entrepreneur, vwl.

VH Prices, Markets

VHA Price Theory, Value Theory

VHC Market

VHF Market Forms

VHP Pricing Policy, vwl

VK Distribution, Consumption

VKA Income, General 

VKD Types of Income

VKH Income Policy

VKO Consumption, Theory of the Household

VKR Consumer Policy

VM Economy, Employment

VMA Business Cycle, Business Cycle Theory, general 

VMD Business Cycle Research

VMF Economic Policy

VMK Employment, vwl., General

VMP Employment Policy, vwl.

VN Economic Growth, Economic Development

VNA Economic Growth, General

VNC Growth Theories, Development Theories

VNE Economic Growth, Industrialized Countries

VNG Growth Policy

VNL Developing Countries, General

VNN Developing Countries, National Economies

VNO Developing Countries, Economic Sectors

VNT Development Aid

VNV Development Policy

VNZ Activity Reports, Development Institutions

VP Money, Credit, Currency

VPA Money and Credit, General

VPC Monetary System, History

VPE Monetary System, Monetary Theory

VPG Credit, Credit Theory

VPK Currency, General

VPO Monetary Policy

VPR Banking, vwl.

VPS Inflation, Deflation

VPW Monetary Policy, International

VPY Stock Market, vwl., Speculation

VPZ Activity Reports, Central Banks, Monetary Authorities

VR Finance

VRA Finance, General

VRC Financial History

VRE Financial Theory

VRH Financial Policy

VRM Sociology of Finance, Psychology of Finance

VRO Government Revenue

VRR Government Expenditure

VRT Budget, Public

VRW Public Economy

VS Economic Sectors, vwl.

VSA Economic Sectors, vwl., General

VSC Agricultural Economics, vwl.

VSF Industry and Trade, vwl., General

VSI Industries, vwl

VSP Energy Management, vwl 

VSR Trade, vwl

VST Transportation, vwl.

VSW Housing Industry

VSZ Arms Management, Arms Policy

VU Foreign Trade

VUA Foreign Trade, general

VUC Foreign Trade, vwl

VUE Foreign Trade Policy

VUI Market Form and Foreign Trade

VUL Services traffic, free of charge

VUM Hikes, International

VUN Capital Movements, International

VUP Foreign Trade and Currency

VUS Organizations, Supranational

VUU Economic Integration, General, Theory

VUV Economic Integration

VUW European Union

VUZ Activity Reports, Internat. Organizations

VV National Economic Policy, General

VVA Economics Policy, Theory, General

VVC Economic Policy, Theory, Individual Problems

VVD Forecast, vwl., General.

VVG Welfare Economics

VVN National Economic Policy, National

VVP Planning, vwl. (Economic Planning)

VVS Cooperation, vwl

VVZ Activity Reports, Corporations, Associations

VW Social Policy

VWA Social Policy, General

VWC Social History

VWF Labor Market Policy

VWM Social Insurance

VWS *Healthcare (from 2009 see below BN)

* Notations marked with an asterisk are no longer reassigned.

VY Economic History

VYA Economic History, General

VYC Economic History, Individual Branches of the Economy

VYF Festschriften, Corporations, Associations

VYH Economic History until 1500

VYK Economic History 1500 until 1850

VYM Economic History from 1850, German

VYN Economic History from 1850, foreign

VZ Economic Geography

VZA Economic Geography, General

VZB Atlases

VZD Germany

VZE Europe

VZO America

VZR Africa

VZU Asia Australia

VZW Raw Materials


Law, general

RA Law, general


RC Commercial, corporate, securities, banking and stock exchange law

RD Intellectual Property Law, Antitrust Law 

RE Intellectual Property Law, Antitrust Law

RF Insurance Law

RG Labor Law

RH Social Law

RI Law of German Unification

RJ Law and Economics in Eastern Europe

RK Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law

RM Constitutional Law, Canon Law, International Law

RN Technical Law

RO Public Law (Constitutional and Administrative Law)

RP Law of Supranational and International Organizations

RS Administrative Law

RT Administrative and Administrative Procedural Law

RV Tax law

RX Civil Procedure Law, Bankruptcy Law, Voluntary Jurisdiction

Mathematics, Statistics

MA Mathematics

MAA General

MAB Textbooks

MAF Basic Research

MAG Algebra, linear and quadratic forms

MAK Probability Theory, Combinatorics, Measure Theory, Characteristic Functions

MAL Analysis (Differential/Integral Calculus, Differential Equations)

MAN Numerical mathematics

MAV Actuarial Mathematics

MAW Financial Mathematics, Economic Calculus


ME Ökonometrie

MEA General Econometrics

MEB Textbooks

MEM Methods of Econometrics

MEU Applied Econometrics, Information Systems, Data Processing

MO Operations Research

MOA Operations Research, General, Gernal Representations

MOB Introductory Textbooks

MOE Other Business Research

MOG Game Theory in General

MOM Message Switching Models

MS Statistik

MSA Statistics, General

MSB Bibliographies

MSO Organization of Statisti

MSS Other applications of statistics

MST Theoretical Statistics

MSW Economic and Social Statistics


SA Sociology, General

SAA Sociology, Overall Presentations

SAC Sociology, Definition, Research Subject, Position within Science

SAG Sociology, History, Schools of Thought

SAH Sociology, Theories

SAL Social Research

SAS Sociology, Commemorative Publications

SAT Sociology, Conference Reports, Enquiries

SC Social Structure

SCA Social Structure, General

SCG Small Group Research

SCK Family, Marriage

SCN Youth, Old Age

SG WEconomic Sociology, Sociology of Administration and Business Sociology

SGA Economic Sociology

SGE Organizational Sociology

SGH Business Sociology

SGL The Sociology of Work, The Sociology of the Professions

SGR Associations, Stakeholders

SK Social Morphology

SKA Population, Sociologically

SKD Agricultural Sociology

SKG Urban and Community Sociology

SKU Social Studies Developing Countries

SM Einzelne Kulturgebiete

SV Soziologie, Grenzgebiete

Reference Collection

AA Bibliographies, Documentations

AAA Bibliographies, general 

AAB Bibliographies, Economics and Social Sciences, General

AAC Bibliographies, Economic Science

AAD Bibliographies, Business Administration

AAE Bibliographies, Sociology

AHH Bibliographies, Journals

AAK Bibliographies, Articles, Documentation

AAN Libraries, New Acquisitions

AAV  Publisher’s Catalogs

AAX Library Studies, Library Organization

AB Reference Books, Encyclopedias

ABA Reference Books, Encoclopedias, General

ABB Reference Books, Economics and Social Sciences, General

ABC Rreference Books, Economic Science

ABD Reference Books, Business Administration

ABE Reference Books, Sociology

AD Statistics

ADA Statistics, Supranational (UN)

ADD Statistics, EC and EU, General

ADE Statistics, EC and EU, Single Areas

ADH Other Supranational Statistics

ADL  Statistics, Germany, General

ADM Statistics, Germany, Various Sectors

ADR  Statistics, Germany, Budgets

ADT Statistics, Foreign Countries

AG Other Reference Books

AGA Reference Books, Public Life

AGD Reference Books, People

AGF Yearbooks, Business Firms, Branches of Industry, Annuals

AH System of Higher Education and Academic Studies

AHA Higher Education System, General

AHC Academic Studies, Economic

AHG Lecture and Course Catalogs

AHW Methodology of Academic Research

AN Languages, Dictionaries

ANA German

ANB Latin, Greek

ANC Dictionaries, Multilingual

ANE English

ANF French

ANG Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

ANL Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch

ANO Russian, Polish, Czech, Serbo-Croat, Bulgarian

ANS Other Foreign Languages

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