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E-book packages

In recent years, we've acquired numerous e-books, including the following packages from Springer publishing house:

• Business & Management 2016-2023 (view e-books)

• Economics & Finance 2016-2023 (view e-books)

Pearson publishing house e-books

​​​​​ Pearson eLibrary - Economics, Finance, Business and Management

The titles are listed in the Primo Knowledge Portal and can also be accessed through it. In 2023, this package is being tested as a trial. E-books that are in high demand will be purchased after the trial period.

​​​Business Expert Press (2010 -2023)

scientifically based, practice-oriented books for a wide range of topics in the field of economics (view e-books)

IGI Global (2000 – 2023)

Scientific literature of outstanding researchers and practitioners in interdisciplinary topics with a high relevance to innovation (view e-books)

Taylor and Francis (2017 - 2023)
Pactical literature of numerous disciplines. Access to all books until the end of July 2024 as a test phase. After that, e-books that are in good demand will be purchased from the university library. (view e-booksVPN full-tunnel necessary to see licensed media)


Faculty VII Economics & Management has been helping us purchase subject-specific e-books since 2016.

Learning video: Finding and Using E-Books

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Research data

  • KonsortSWD: Consortium for the Social, Behavioural, Educational and Economic Sciences
  • BERD@NFDI: Consortium for Business, Economic and Related Data
  • ZBW Journal Data Archive: Repository for datasets published in journals of the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics (ZBW)
  • Emporion: Research data-hub for the social and economic history

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