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Research Method – Systematic Literature Reviews in Economics

A systematic literature review (SLR) is an independent scientific method that aims to identify and evaluate all relevant literature on a subject in order to derive conclusions for the research question. With an SLR, the current state of research on a topic can be demonstrated, and gaps and existing research requirements can be identified with regard to a particular research question. A formal methodological approach is pursued in order to reduce distortions caused by an overly restrictive selection of the available literature and to increase the reliability of the literature selected (Tranfield, Denyer & Smart, 2003). What sets this approach apart is that a research objective is defined for the research itself and inclusion and exclusion criteria are set before the research is carried out.

Our services:

  • Detailed description of how to create a systematic literature review in economics
  • Slides of the Business Systematic Literature Review workshop (more detailed compared to SLR-Website)
  • Discussion of economic publications that have applied the method
  • Individual advice and support for researchers conducting a systematic literature review

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