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Information Expert Passport Program - expert learning modules

Skills to be learned for each information literacy area

Information Literacy AreaExperts
Defining information needsAs an expert, you can plan and structure a research topic with confidence. You generate new knowledge and continually adapt the information requirements.
Finding InformationYou can develop complex searches and reliably evaluate the quality of your search syntax (precision, recall). You are able to produce a systematic literature review.
Evaluating InformationYou critically question information within the context of your knowledge base and select it for your research based on objective and comprehensible criteria.
Processing & Presenting InformationYou are familiar with the publication process and the editors' assessment criteria. You can confidently use an academic writing style and visualize your research results. You have extensive knowledge of data storage and documentation.

Learning modules: Defining information needs

Finding information

Evaluating information

Processing and presenting information

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