Economics and Management Library
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Learning & Working

The Economics & Management Library is a central place of study in the Main Building of Technische Universität Berlin. It offers a variety of rooms for different learning and working scenarios.
Additionally, the library helps students and researchers learn and strengthen key skills that are required for high-quality academic work.

Study Spaces

The Economics & Management Library has 118 study spaces, several group study rooms, study spaces for online meetings, and a quiet room.

Courses & Learning Offers

As a special library, the Economic & Management Library offers a comprehensive range of courses for students and researchers in the field of economics. In addition to library courses, several online self-study options are also available.


We would be happy to advise you on any specific queries when preparing an academic paper!

IT Services

Get an overview of the printing and scanning options, access to online media from home, and WiFi in the library.

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Building Hauptgebäude
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