Economics and Management Library

Vision for 2025 and action areas

The library team held a virtual workshop in January 2022 to jointly develop its vision for 2025 and set the course for the next four years of the library's work. In preparation, trends and stakeholder expectations were analyzed and benchmark evaluations conducted. Based on the results, a critical SWOT analysis was conducted of the library. From this, we derived our vision for 2025 as well as our key action areas.

History and development



  • Introduction of a self-checkout and security system using RFID technology
  • Redesign of the entrance area: new lockers, new entrance area
  • Current volumes of journals are available to read in the new journal lounge


    • Remodeling of the library begins
    • Card catalogs are removed from the user area of the library. Media listed here can be ordered via the Primo Knowledge Portal.


    • The library celebrates its 50th anniversary.
    • Second place in the Best Practice Competition for Information Literacy of the German Library Association (dbv) and the Association of German Librarians (VDB) for agile organizational structures in the teaching of information literacy (poster)


    • The library is nominated for the Innovation Award for libraries from Berlin and Brandenburg for the concept "Systematic Literature Review - Increasing the Methodological Competence of Young Scientists."
    • Michaela Jobb takes over as director of the library on 14 August 2017. Beate Guba transfers to the University of Vienna to manage the University Library.


    • Recertification as "Outstanding Library" by the Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart by 2020


    • Second place in the Best Practice Competition "E-Learning in the Teaching of Information Literacy" of the German Library Association (dbv) and the Association of German Librarians (VDB) for our scenario-based learning videos in comic form.
    • Dr. Franziska Klatt honored as "Cutting-Edge Library Designer" for the conception of the Information Expert Passport by a jury of representatives from the magazine BIBLIOTHEK Forschung und Praxis (BFP) and Zukunftswerkstatt Kultur und Wissensvermittlung


    • Receipt of the award for outstanding service and innovation from the Faculty of Economics and Management of TU Berlin


    • Renamed Economics and Management Library; awarded “Outstanding Library” status by Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart


    • Discontinuation of article documentation and focus on library services


    • Integration of the institute libraries for law and statistics


    • Relocation to the Main Building of TU Berlin


    • Migration of BIS-LOK data to Aleph across the central online catalog of TU Berlin


    • Introduction of the library software BIS-LOK for the electronic documentation of book holdings


    • Launch of article documentation (Aufsatzdokumentation), i.e. the bibliographical evaluation of journals and articles from books and compilations of our own holdings, from which WiWiDok (Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Dokumentation) – or economic documentation – gets its name.


    • Publication of the Faculty VII discussion papers


    • Founded as the Library of the Institute of Economics at Uhlandstr. 4-5, 10623 Berlin

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