Economics and Management Library

Policies & regulations

Collection management

Our approach to collection management is based on the principle of "quality over quantity".

  • Our acquisition profile is determined by the teaching and research foci of Faculty VII. We react quickly to changes in study and research content and user groups. Textbooks are acquired both from the university library and, to a lesser extent, from our library.
  • In the case of gifts, we take care to select them carefully: Only literature that would have been purchased is included.
  • We are continuously reducing the proportion of outdated textbooks and dispensable, multiply available or obsolete literature in order to make room for current print media and user workstations.
  • The supply of our users with electronic journals, e-books and databases is improved according to cost-benefit aspects. This is done in cooperation with the TU libraries. Approximately 80% of our acquisition budget is spent on journal subscriptions (print, online) and database licenses.
  • By involving the departments of Faculty VII, the development of the holdings is evaluated and optimized at regular intervals.


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