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The library team supports you in the procurement of literature and increases your skills regarding academic working and writing. We are looking forward meeting you!

Postal address

Technische Universität Berlin
Die Bibliothek Wirtschaft & Management
Office H 56
Straße des 17. Juni 135
D-10623 Berlin

Opening hours

Mondays - Fridays 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Information desk: phone 030 314 22601 I email:

Contact persons

Information desk

information desk

information desk ausleihe[at]wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 22601


Michaela JobbHead of Librarym.jobb[at]tu-berlin.de030 314 76111
Anne PetitDeputy head of Librarya.petit[at]tu-berlin.de030 314 26650


Marion Werthdbwm.sekretariat[at]wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 79235

User services

Anne PetitHead user servicesa.petit[at]tu-berlin.de030 314 26650
Bettina RinderDeputy headbettina.rinder[at]tu-berlin.de030 314 23688
Josephine Holz josephine.holz[at]tu-berlin.de030 314 28812

Media and License Management

Claudia FulsHead Media and License Managementclaudia.fuls[at]tu-berlin.de030 314 24898
Dorothea Fischer erwerbung[at]wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 28812
Josephine Holz erwerbung[at]wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 28812
Carina Enders zeitschriftenstelle[at]wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 22977
Kristin Thamm zeitschriftenstelle[at]wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 22977
Luisa Noßmann zeitschriftenstelle[at]wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 22977

Subject Librarian

Michael Loch (Dipl.-Volkswirt)Subject Librarianjuergen-michael.loch[at]tu-berlin.de030 314 23792 (Mondays and Tuesdays)


Rinder, BettinaIT-ServicesIT[at]dbwm.tu-berlin.de030 314 23688
Loch, MichaelIT-ServicesIT[at]dbwm.tu-berlin.de030 314 23792 (Mo + Di)

Teaching Library

Dr. rer. oec. Franziska KlattHead Teaching Libraryfranziska.klatt[at]tu-berlin.de030 314 29778
Michael Loch (Dipl. Volkswirt)Deputy Head Teaching Libraryjuergen-michael.loch[at]tu-berlin.de030 314 23792
Anne Petit infokompetenz[at]wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 26650
Claudia Fuls infokompetenz[at]wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 24898
Dorothea Fischer infokompetenz[at]wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 28812
Kristin Thamm infokompetenz[at]wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 22977
Bettina Rinder infokompetenz[at]wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 23688

Public Relations & Social Media

Dr. rer. oec. Franziska KlattHead Public Relations and Social Mediafranziska.klatt[at]tu-berlin.de030 314 29778
Carina EndersSocial Mediapr[at]dbwm.tu-berlin.de030 314 22977
Dorothea FischerSocial Mediapr[at]dbwm.tu-berlin.de030 314 28812



  • The Economics and Management Library (Die Bibliothek Wirtschaft & Management) is located in the Technische Universität Berlins' main building on the 5th floor, room 5150b, area 5K. Use the elevator in the main loby and keep to the left.
  • Orientation on-site
  • Transport connection
    Subway Line U2 / bus M45 and 245: bus stop Ernst-Reuter-Platz
    Train stattion Tiergarten
  • Campus map

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