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  • The Economics and Management Library (Die Bibliothek Wirtschaft & Management) is located in the Technische Universität Berlins' main building on the 5th floor, room 5150b, area 5K. Use the elevator in the main loby and keep to the left.
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  • Transport connection
    Subway Line U2 / bus M45 and 245: bus stop Ernst-Reuter-Platz
    Train stattion Tiergarten
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Postal address

Technische Universität Berlin
Die Bibliothek Wirtschaft & Management
Office H 56
Straße des 17. Juni 135
D-10623 Berlin


Mondays - Fridays9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

The Economics and Management Library is closed on public holidays. Furthermore, the library is temporarly closed on Saturdays until end of March 2023.

Contact persons


Michaela JobbExecutive directorm.jobb@tu-berlin.de030 314 23694
Anne PetitDeputy directora.petit@tu-berlin.de030 314 26650


Marion Werthdbwm.sekretariat@wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 79235

User services

Anne PetitHead user servicesa.petit@tu-berlin.de030 314 26650
Bettina RinderDeputy headbettina.rinder@tu-berlin.de030 314 23688
Josephine Holz josephine.holz@tu-berlin.de030 314 28812

Media and License Management

Claudia FulsHead Media and License Managementclaudia.fuls@tu-berlin.de030 314 24898
Dorothea Fischer erwerbung@wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 28812
Josephine Holz erwerbung@wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 28812
Carina Enders zeitschriftenstelle@wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 22977
Kristin Thamm zeitschriftenstelle@wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 22977
Kathrin Waldner zeitschriftenstelle@wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 22977

Subject Librarian

Michael Loch (Dipl.-Volkswirt)Subject Librarianjuergen-michael.loch@tu-berlin.de030 314 23792 (Mondays and Tuesdays)


Rinder, BettinaIT-ServicesIT@dbwm.tu-berlin.de030 314 23688
Loch, MichaelIT-ServicesIT@dbwm.tu-berlin.de030 314 23792 (Mo + Di)

Teaching Library

Dr. rer. oec. Franziska KlattHead Teaching Libraryfranziska.klatt@tu-berlin.de030 314 29778
Michael Loch (Dipl. Volkswirt)Deputy Head Teaching Libraryjuergen-michael.loch@tu-berlin.de030 314 23792
Anne Petit infokompetenz@wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 26650
Claudia Fuls infokompetenz@wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 24898
Dorothea Fischer infokompetenz@wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 28812
Kristin Thamm infokompetenz@wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 22977
Bettina Rinder infokompetenz@wm.tu-berlin.de030 314 23688

Public Relations & Social Media

Dr. rer. oec. Franziska KlattHead Public Relations and Social Mediafranziska.klatt@tu-berlin.de030 314 29778
Carina EndersSocial Mediapr@dbwm.tu-berlin.de030 314 22977
Dorothea FischerSocial Mediapr@dbwm.tu-berlin.de030 314 28812


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