Faculty VII - Economics and Management
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Women and Gender Equality Officer

Note on the current situation

In order to protect everyone against the spread of Coronavirus and due to mobile working, the office of the Women and Gender Equality Officer at Faculty VII is currently on reduced occupancy. This implies in detail:

  • Appointments with a pre-arrangement are desirable. You can contact us and arrange an appointment for a consultation by phone or in person. We also offer open ZOOM consultation hours every Wednesday from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm at this  ZOOM-Link. During non-lecture periods, office hours are only held by prior request.
  • Applications can only be processed digitally. Please email us all applications in digital form. Unfortunately, we cannot process applications in physical form at this time.
  • In general, we can be reached by email at fb(at)wm.tu-berlin.de or by personal mail.
    You can also send us all requests anonymously, for example by leaving the name field blank, writing from an email address without mentioning your name, or dropping a letter in our mailbox.

Tasks, Purposes und Consultation

Our Contact Data

Women and Gender Equality Officer of Faculty VII - Economics and Management

Technische Universität Berlin

Sekr. H32

Straße des 17.Juni 135

10623 Berlin

Mail: fb(at)wm.tu-berlin.de

Our Tasks

What does the work of Women and Gender Equality Officers involve? What is their field of activity? What do they participate in and what purposes do they promote? The field of activity of Women and Gender Equality Officers is quite broad. Our involvement covers many different aspects. This makes our work very interesting and always challenging. These are our most important areas of responsibility:

  • Advising and supporting all women in our faculty
  • Collaboration in appeal committees and in staff matters
  • Support of the faculty committees
  • Preparation of equality-related strategy papers
  • Participation in the monthly Faculty Council of Faculty VII
  • Participation in the monthly plenum of all women and gender equality officers of the TU
  • Participation in meetings with the AG Gleichstellung
  • Organization of events for female students and employees of the faculty
  • Participation in meetings with the Faculty Service Center Management

Our Purposes

Our foremost priority is, of course, to help create an equal, open minded, and diverse working, research, and educational environment at the Faculty VII. Important milestones for this are:

  • Implementation of the statutory equality mandate
  • Equal opportunities in studying, teaching and research for all genders
  • Compatibility of studies, career and care work
  • Integration of gender issues in research and teaching

Our Consulting Offer

The most important aspect of our counseling service is confidentiality. We are the contact persons for questions regarding the promotion of women and non-binary persons at the faculty, but also for difficulties with sexism and sexualized discrimination. You have the possibility to contact us anonymously (contact form) or by e-mail (fb@wm.tu-berlin.de). To cope with your situation we are happy to offer you a phone call or also conversation with the focus on your comfort. Together we will develop appropriate solutions. We can only provide advice, initiate proceedings, or even be the first point of contact for you and refer you to higher positions if necessary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

    Further Consulting Offers

    TU-external Counsulting Offers

    Points of contact against sexualized discrimination, harassment and violence

    • LARA - Specialized institution against sexualized violence against women - consultation, crisis intervention, coordination
    • FRIEDA - Consultation center for women (support in cases of (cyber-)stalking)
    • The Berliner Initiative gegen Gewalt an Frauen e.V. (support for women and children in cases of domestic violence) offers telephone counseling, including anonymous counseling, for women who have been subjected to emotional and physical violence. The hotline is available daily from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. - including weekends and holidays.

    Points of contact regarding queer hostility / for LGBTIQ+ people

    • GLADT e. V. - Self-organization of black and of color lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans*, inter* and queer people in Berlin; consultation services on anti-discrimination (focus on multiple discrimination)
    • Lesbenberatung as well as LesMigraS Berlin - Anti-violence, anti-discrimination and empowerment section of the Lesbian Counseling Service Berlin e.v.
    • Schwulenberatung Berlin

    Contact points in emergency psychosocial situations

    • The Berliner Krisendienst helps 24/7 in psychosocial crises up to acute mental and psychiatric emergencies - by phone, in person and in acute situations on site at 9 different locations in Berlin. The crisis service is free of charge.

    • The Krisenchat aims to help young people in need with their worries and problems around the clock. One can get in touch 24/7 via SMS or Whatsapp free of charge. The offer is aimed at people under 25.

    • If the pregnancy becomes a challenge, a feeling of being overwhelmed by the situation arises or a birth has to be kept secret, the counselors of the help hotline Pregnant Women in Need can be reached around the clock in 19 languages.


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    About us

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    The team of the Women and Gender Equality Officers of Faculty VII consists of the Women and Gender Equality Officer, the Vice Women and Gender Equality Officer and the Assistant. We would like to introduce ourselves.

    Current Projects

    Dealing with Conflicts

    As feedback to our Code of Conduct for Faculty VII, we have received one question in particular from faculty: How do we deal with it if there has been a conflict situation/we have noticed a conflict. To answer this question, the Women and Gender Equality Officers of Faculty VII have developed a guide that provides important tips on how to deal with conflict along with prevention methods and points of contact at the TU. Examples of gender-based discrimination in courses are also given, whereby there is also subliminal discrimination to be aware of. You can access the guide here.

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    Completed Projects

    In this section we give an insight into our work, i.e. we show what we have already been working on and which projects we have completed recently.

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    Information about us or about equal opportunities and gender equality at universities and in particular at the TU Berlin for downloading