Faculty VII - Economics and Management
Faculty VII - Economics and Management

Women's Council

The Women's Council is made up of one woman* from each of the university's status groups and their deputies. The advisors are elected by the female* members of the faculty for two years.

Tasks of the Women's Council:

  • Election of the part-time women's representative and her deputy
  • Supporting the work of the women's representatives

The Women's Council for the current term of office 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2021 shall be composed in accordance with the following table:

Women's Advisory Board

Status GroupName
ProfessorsProf. Dr. Katrin Klasse-Talke
Research AssistantsSusanne Felgner
Office and technical staffKatrin Jux


Status GroupName
ProfessorsProf. Dr. Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel
Research AssistantsLea Bitter
Research AssistantsInes Wolf
Research AssistantsJulia Kleineidam
Research AssistantsClaudia Lemke
Office and technical staffKirsten Ewald

Working Group for equality and equal opportunities

"The Faculty Board once again establishes a Gender Equality Working Group with representatives from all status groups. The working group supports the faculty in the implementation of the women's advancement plan and develops proposals for its updating.""
(Excerpt from the plan for the advancement of women 2016-2021)

The working group for equality and equal opportunities has the following members in addition to the women's representatives of the Faculty VII

Working Group for equality and equal opportunities

Status GroupName 
ProfessorsProf. Dr. Thomas Volling 
Research AssistantsTanja Rombey 
Research AssistantsFranziska SpallekDeputy
Research AssistantsLukas Peter SchönerDeputy
Research AssistantsJoan KleineDeputy
Office and technical staffKatrin Jux 
StudentsFatma Özdaglar 
StudentsConstanze ConnearnDeputy