Faculty VII - Economics and Management

Education Commission

The Education Commission is a committee at faculty level which advises the Faculty Board on questions of studies and teaching and develops statements as well as proposals. The Education Commission usually meets once or twice a semester. For all enquiries to the Education Commission of Faculty VII, please contact Ms Dagmar Bauer (dagmar.bauer[at]tu-berlin.de).

Meeting dates of the Education Commission

Education Commission meetings are generally held on the last Wednesday of each month from 1 to 3 p.m.*
The next meeting date is available upon request to dagmar.bauer@tu-berlin.de.

*open to members of the TU Berlin.

Members of the Education Commission

Status GroupName 
ProfessorsThomas Volling 
ProfessorsLinus Mattauch 
Research AssistantsSusanne Felgner 
Research AssistantsCharlotte Rochell 
StudentsMona KatzerChair of the Education Eommission
StudentsAndrea LagodaVice-Chair of the Education Eommission
StudentsMaria Rösler 
StudentsNina Pöschko 


Status GroupName
ProfessorsKarola Bastini
Research AssistantsChrissa Tsatsaronis
StudentsDominic Riedmiller
StudentsZoe Pauline Zinser
StudentsJan Czimmeck
StudentsFelix Zeitz
StudentsLeonard Meyer-Marc