Faculty VII - Economics and Management

Representatives and Committees

The self-administration of the Faculty of Economics and Management is composed of the following representatives and committees.

The committees for the study program Industrial Engineering and Management are shown here.

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is the most important Commitee of the faculty. The board elects the Dean, decides on study programs, examination regulations, chairs and further matters of the faculty.

Education Commission

The Education Commission is a committee at faculty level which advises the Faculty Board on questions of studies and teaching and develops statements as well as proposals.

Examination Boards

The Examination Board makes sure that examination regulations are respected. The members for each study program are appointed by the faculty board for a period of two years. For further information see § 41 Abs. 3 AllgStuPO (Regulations Governing Study and Examination Procedures).

Women and Gender Equality Officer

The Women and Gender Equality Officers are elected by the women's council. Their main duty is the promotion of equal opportunities for women in the faculty.

Degree Program Coordinators

The Degree Program Coordinators are representatives of the vice dean of academics and teaching. They are appointed by the Faculty Board and report on the board's meetings annually. For further information see § 9 AllgStuPO (Regulations Governing Study and Examination Procedures).

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee develops proposals on the allocation of budget, staff and spaces in the faculty.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee provides researchers of the Faculty VII assistance and counseling with regard to ethical and legal issues of their research with or on human subjects. The Committee is ordered by researchers, executive directors or the faculty board.