Faculty VII - Economics and Management


The faculty of economics and management laid its main attention around the development of the course of industrial engineering and management ("Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen"), which the TUB, then called Technische Hochschule Berlin, was the first to introduce in 1926/27 in Germany. In 1952, an autonomous department of applied economic sciences was founded. At first the faculty offered courses in business administration (BWL), later adding courses in economics (VWL). The TUB was the first to offer economics, business administration and industrial engeneering and management in the same faculty and university. The interdisciplinary education of the "management engineers" ("Wirtschaftsingenieure") has proven its worth within the past years, and in a time of structural changes in our economy, the significance of such an education is constantly increasing. The joint commission for the course of industrial engineering and management (GKWI) recognized this development at an early stage and is continuously expanding the range of courses for our management engineers at the Technische Universität Berlin.

Due to the new study structure the faculty now offers bachelor course in Economics and Sustainable Management and master courses in Innovation Management, Entreprenuership and Sustainability.

Emeriti and Retired Professors

  • Horst Baumann
  • Helmut Baumgarten
  • Ariane Berthoin Antal
  • Hans Georg Gemünden
  • Bertram Häussler
  • Dietger Hahn
  • Christoph Helberger
  • Klaus-Dirk Henke
  • Axel Hunscha
  • Markus Kerber
  • Thomas Kersting
  • Raimund Klinkner
  • Jürgen Kromphardt
  • Hans Lechner
  • Ulrike Maschewsky-Schneider
  • Georg Meran
  • Wolfgang Prümpner
  • Christian Rasenack
  • Volker Trommsdorff
  • Gernot Weißhuhn
  • Axel von Werder
  • Dietmar Winje
  • Eckart Zwicker