Faculty VII - Economics and Management
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Faculty VII - Economics and Management
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Mission Statement

Climate change and digitalization are bringing about fundamental changes in our lives. Against this background of far-reaching change, we conduct research in economics and management science. Our research contributes for instance to an improved understanding of digital markets, to the development of technology-based and sustainable business model innovations, and to the advancement of policy solutions for coping with climate change. Our aspiration to conduct research that helps to address these key challenges also shapes our teaching. It is closely intertwined with our research and aims to provide students with the skills to analyze the wide range of problems posed by these fundamental changes and to ultimately develop solutions for a future worth living.

As a faculty of economic sciences at one of the world’s leading universities of technology, located in a bustling metropolitan region, we have excellent opportunities to achieve these goals. It provides an ideal environment to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching that is called for by the complex problems of a networked world. 

We can build on a unique tradition in this regard: The idea of an interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching that combines economic and engineering sciences was born at TU Berlin! The first study program in industrial engineering and management was introduced here in 1926/27. Today, it is the largest program at our university and one in which we play a leading role. This interdisciplinary approach continues to define our research and the character of all our study programs, including our bachelor’s degrees in Sustainable Management and Economics and our master’s degrees in Industrial Economics, and Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.

Our emphasis on interdisciplinarity and our focus on technology enables us to work closely with both the other faculties at TU Berlin as well as our colleagues in economics and management science within the Berlin University Alliance and Berlin’s economic research institutes, with whom we conduct joint research projects and joint programs for master and doctoral students, as well as appoint joint professorships (S-Prof).

We are convinced that striving for societal relevance of our research requires employing a wide range of methodologies in our research and teaching. We thus pursue and combine different research approaches ranging from (behavioral) economic theories to quantitative-empirical methods from econometrics, operations research and artificial intelligence. A particular emphasis is placed on lab-based experimental research, which we conduct at the Berlin Social Science Center Lab and the Integrated Logistics Laboratory at our Institute of Technology and Management. The intensive transfer and diffusion of our research results is also eminently important for us. We support, for instance, start-up activity, particularly at TU Berlin but also throughout the metropolitan region, at the University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and also develop sustainable business solutions together with our industry partner Siemens in the Siemens Research and Innovation Ecosystem program and at the Center of Knowledge Interchange with Siemens Energy.

A strong international perspective is indispensable for economic research and teaching in a globalized world. We have joined forces with some of Europe's most prestigious universities of technology in the Alliance4Tech and ENHANCE networks to create a common European campus for our students and faculty. Through ERASMUS+ and our global university cooperations, we offer our students many opportunities to develop an international perspective and broaden their horizons both personally and academically through stays abroad.