Faculty VII - Economics and Management

Sustainable economics, innovation, and technology

Faculty VII’s research and teaching focus on essential social challenges, bringing together economics, engineering, and management on the one hand with scientific excellence, decision-making, sustainability, and technology on the other. The Faculty conducts both basic and applied research with a strong practical orientation in six primary fields which are also addressed in its teaching: strategies, markets and consumers; entrepreneurship, innovation and technology; health technologies and management; infrastructure and transport; logistics, supply chain and information management; and energy and resources. Its interdisciplinary orientation enables its integration into TU Berlin’s fields of competence and other faculties and institutions such as the Einstein Center Digital Future.

The Faculty offers economics and management studies. Moreover, we are in charge of the main part of teaching in the Industrial Engineering and Management programs. We are involved in various master’s programs as well as continuing education study programs in cooperation within the TU and with other universities. Our members’ diverse international contacts and networks contributed to the creation of a double master's program with multiple European universities in 2010.

Through its scientific direction of the Centre for Entrepreneurship, the Siemens Center of Knowledge Interchange, and the Zentrum für geistiges Eigentum, the Faculty plays a key role in fostering a culture of transfer and entrepreneurship at TU Berlin. The Berlin School of Public Health, founded in cooperation with Charité and Alice Salomon Hochschule, represents a significant contribution to the development of Berlin as a location of health. The Economics and Management Library has received numerous accolades; it not only provides a service to researchers and students but also offers a variety of programs including “Lange Nacht des Lernens”, an all night study event for students.