Faculty VII - Economics and Management

The Faculty Service Center is the central contact point for questions on organisation, academic self-administration as well as academics and teaching. On this site, you find information on contact persons. For general inquiries please contact info[at]wm.tu-berlin.de

Head of Administration

The faculty administration assists the Deans in handling their duties. It advises the members and facilities of the faculty on fundamental matters, carries out important, ongoing administrative functions, oversees the boards of the academic self-administration, prepares the meetings of the Faculty Council, and implements the council’s decisions. In addition, the administration manager is an advisory member of the Faculty Council with the entitlement to speak and to make proposals.


Anja Lotz

Head of Faculty Service Center


+49 30 314-21641

Office H 30
Room H 3137


Doreen Weinsheimer

Human Resources and Budget


+49 30 314-22208

Office H 30
Room H 3142

Heike Sick

Support Human Resources and Budget


+49 30 314-73395

Office H 30
Room H 3142

Barbara Engel

Professorial appointment, Coordination of the doctoral and post-doctoral process


+49 30 314-29247

Office H 30
Room H 3140

Studies & Teaching Office

The Studies & Teaching Office is a service unit of the faculty. It coordinates, communicates and informs on studies and teaching. The office supports the development of study programs and the evaluation and assessment of teaching and learning. The office includes the course guidance from students, the office of the Education Commission and Examination Boards and the curriculum of the faculty.

Please use the following email adresses:

Dagmar Bauer

Studies and Teaching Coordinator


+49 30 314-25845

Office H 30
Room H 3138

Sarah Noordeloos

Course Evaluation, Examination Board, MOSES-Support, Curriculum


+49 30 314-24980

Office H 30
Room H 3139

Office for International Affairs

The Office for International Affairs supports the continuous process of internationalization by negotiating and arranging agreements with partner universities as well as by assisting in the development of international study programs and double degree programs. It supports and promotes the mobility of outgoing and incoming students in cooperation with the section Student Mobility and International Students. Students of the faculty are advised on studies and internships abroad, particularly on credit transfers, and their learning agreements are confirmed. 

contact: abroad[at]wm.tu-berlin.de

Karlo Benedikt Hainsch

Coordinator of International Affairs


+49 30 314-26482

Office H 30
Room H 3141

IT Support

Oliver Rost

Faculty direct facilities, deputy FIO


+49 30 314-29241

Room H 8170

Soeren Kurth

IT support FSC, Emeriti, Junior Professors


+49 30 314-75707

Building H
Room H 5113a

Michael Goldberg

IT support for Chairs


+49 30 314-25472

Building H
Room H 9108

Contact: edv[at]wm.tu-berlin.de

Student Assistants

Andrea LagodaCourse Guidancehelp[at]wm.tu-berlin.deH 3136
Lena StoberCourse Guidancehelp[at]wm.tu-berlin.deH 3136
Luisa LurseCourse Guidancehelp[at]wm.tu-berlin.deH 3136
Brian SonnenbergCourse Guidanceabroad[at]wm.tu-berlin.deH 3136


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