Workgroup for Economic and Infrastructure Policy (WIP)

Teaching area Microenergy Systems (ME-SY)

The ME-SY teaching area deals with the energy transition and the fair, sustainable development and transformation of global energy systems. Special attention is given to the possibilities of micro-energy systems and the dissemination of decentralised renewable energies. The focus is on the Global South and the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 7: universal, affordable and clean energy access for all.

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Applied Research Seminar on Sustainable Energy for All (SDG 7) [ME-SG7]

The course focuses on sustainable and decentralised renewable energy and its application and dissemination opportunities in the Global South. The course provides a learning and exchange platform for students with business and/or technical skills with an interest in understanding and exploring SDG 7 related case studies, as well as exploring the different issues of universal energy access and renewable energy systems. The aim is to collectively promote exchange and discussion, generate innovative ideas, develop skills and learning tools to apply new research methods to further advance SDG 7 goal.

Module number: 70428

Module description: ME-SG7

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