Workgroup for Economic and Infrastructure Policy (WIP)

Study Abroad

The Workgroup for Economic and Infrastructure Policy (WIP), with Prof. von Hirschhausen as program manager, is in charge of several exchange programs with selected foreign partner universities, about which we will be happy to advise you.

International studies at the WIP


1-2 semester phase abroad, partial possibility for MBA

Why go abroad?

Spending an academic year abroad means participating in a partner university's teaching activities such as lectures, projects, seminars or tutorials. For the students, the focus is on getting to know other students from all over the world, as well as getting to know new European universities and teaching methods.

Within the academic year there are many opportunities to get to know the partner university, the city and the country. After an initial warm-up phase, experience has shown that in the second semester the new structures are understood. In addition to the expanded vocabulary, important basic experiences, as well as a stable circle of friends have been built up by then, so that the second semester often "goes by much too fast". The proportion of professional and cultural experience is very high in an Erasmus program.


In principle, participation in an exchange program is linked to a scholarship (Erasmus or TUB) and the waiver of tuition fees abroad.

These pages present in particular the foreign cooperations supervised by Prof. von Hirschhausen.

An overview of all exchange programs offered at the TU Berlin can be found at the Academic International Office.



For inquiries about exchange programs through our department, please contact Karlo Hainsch