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Research Group Operations Research and Quantitative Infrastructure Systems Modeling (OR-IM).

The research group Operations Research and Infrastructure System Modeling (OR-IM) is mainly concerned with the creation and calculation of scenarios for the decabonization of the power and energy system. In the past, there was a strong focus on the power sector and grid modeling, which has been extended in recent years to include a holistic analysis of the power system. A main focus is on the integrated view of the different energy sectors (power, buildings, industry and transport) and how a system based on 100% renewable energy has to be designed.

Two energy system models were developed for this purpose: GENeSYS-MOD and AnyMOD. GENeSYS-MOD is used to calculate long-term decarbonization pathways, taking into account regional characteristics, climate targets, and existing generation capacity. The framework has been used in numerous scientific publications as well as third-party funded projects and is increasingly used by other institutions and research teams. AnyMOD on the other hand is mainly used for detailed calculation of the operational design of the power system in a target year. The temporal resolution here is very detailed, as with pure power sector models, so that interactions between the different energy sectors as well as carriers can be accurately represented.

Another main focus of the research group is the concept of open-science. Model codes, data, methodology descriptions, and publications are made available in an open-source manner.






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In case of specific queries and further information needs, please contact Leonard Göke, Konstantin Löffler or Karlo Hainsch. You will find the contact information below.

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