Research Group MicroEnergy Systems

Overview of completed master, bachelor and study papers


  • Newton, Laura (2019): Case Study on the Microfinance Sector in Yemen: Achieving the Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability in the Microfinance Sector in Conflict Areas (Bachelor thesis), supervised by Raluca Dumitrescu Head of Department - MicroEnergy International GmbH
  • Bhuyian, Rajon (2019): Comparative Cost Analysis of Electricity between Grid Extension and Stand-alone Solar Systems in Bangladesh and Kenya (Master Thesis) supervised by Tobi Olutunmbi (Head of Competence Center for Methodologies and Design - MicroEnergy International GmbH)
  • Chauhaan, Geetika (2019): Evaluation and Development of Green Mini-grid Business Models for Project Developers in Mozambique (Master Thesis) supervised by Prof. Dr. Bernd Möller, Head of the Energy and Environmental Management Department (Europa -Universität Flensburg) and Samuel Adiprakoso (Head of Technology and Energy Competence Center - MicroEnergy International GmbH)
  • Sseruwagi, Richard (2019): Sustainable Energy Access and Mobility on Lake Victoria (Master Thesis supervised by Samuel Adiprakoso (Head of Technology and Energy Competence Center - MicroEnergy International GmbH)
  • Vicente Garcia, Maria (2019): Comprehensive assessment of the End-of-life management of Solar Home Systems in Kenya: Challenges and Opportunitie (Master Thesis) supervised by Samuel Adiprakoso (Head of Technology and Energy Competence Center - MicroEnergy International GmbH)



  • Stille, Leon (2018): Viability Assessment of a Modular Small Wind Turbine in Rural Tanzania (Bachelor Thesis) supervised by Samuel Adiprakoso (Head of Technology and Energy Competence Center - MicroEnergy International GmbH)

  • Otto Vik Mathisen: Comparative Analysis of Value Propositions PAYG vs. MFI in west Africa. Supervised by Raluca Dumitrescu. (Bachelor thesis)

  • Omar Nouriah: Blockchain for Energy Decentralization. Supervised by Raluca Dumitrescu. (Bachelor thesis)



  • Abdurahman, Suhaib (2017): Modellidentifikation zur Regelung eines PWM-basierten Solarladereglers (Bachelor thesis), supervised by Lia Strenge (Department for Control Systems, Technische Universität Berlin). Professoral connection: Prof. Dr.-Ing Jörg Raisch, Department for Control Systems, Technische Universität Berlin



  • Corso, Giulia: Investigating preferences for Clean Energy Technologies (CET) across households served by Microfinance Institutions (MFI) in rural and peri-urban Ethiopia: empirical results and practical implications for green energy lending schemes (Master Thesis)
  • Jorkowski, Aljosha: Demand Analysis of Energy Efficient and Renewable Energy Technologies in the Colombian Departments of Boyacá and Cundinamarca (Master Thesis)
  • Zubieta,Ignacio: Design of a Monitoring and Control methodology of micro-financed clean energy projects (Master Thesis)
  • Marzal, Ana; Musonda, Frazer: How can we support Product/Service System design for renewable energy systems on the emerging markets? (Master Thesis)
  • Silva, Andrés: Technical and economic assessment of rural development hubs based on solar energy in western Tanzania (Master Thesis)
  • Francioso, Silvia: Multi-criteria decision model for Swarm Electrification (Master Thesis)



  • Gernert, Thomas: Algorithm for State of Charge and State of Health Estimation for Lead Acid Batteries (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Gama, Erika Nathalia: A feasibility study of a distributed generation energy system in non-interconnected zones in Colombia (Master Thesis)
  • Jimenez, Mariana: Potential Impacts of the Implementation of Warm Comfort Improvement Measures in the Rural Region of Huancavelica, Peru: A Case Study (Master Thesis)
  • Bitoshova, Maria: Simplified Energy Use Assessment and Monitoring tool for Energy Efficient Housing (Master Thesis)
  • Hermann, Joseph; Christine Liebel: Small Energy Systems in Ethiopia A study on the feasibility for sustainable electrification of local businesses in remote areas (Master Thesis)
  • Uresti, Luis: Assessment of microfinancing of green technologies in Mexico: domestic indoor cooling system coupled with PV panel (Master Thesis)
  • Magnasco, Annika: Optimization of Grid Operation and Resources in Bottom-up Swarm Electrification (Master Thesis)
  • Hollberg, Phillip: Swarm grids – Innovation in rural electrification (Master Thesis)
  • Rushfeldt, Marie: Promoting Clean energy technology through microfinance, in Ethiopia. An analysis of the demand, energy need and available supply for clean energy technologies in the rural areas surrounding Addis, capital city in Ethiopia (Master Thesis)
  • Koepke, Mathias: Building livelihoods through energy interventions in agricultural value chains - A sustainability assessment for the case of coffee in Ethiopia (Master Thesis)



  • Dolganova, Iulia: Investigation of the convective heat transfer rate in the prototype of a peruvian firewood-fuelled portable improved cooking stove ICS) (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Niño, Cañizares; Ernesto, Fredy: Development of an improved electrical model for designing renewable energy-based microgrids for rural electrification projects considering distributed generation (Master Thesis)
  • Helo, Maria: Feasibility study of green microfinance in Mexico: Implementation of Solar Thermal Systems in the ‘Corn Dough and Tortilla’ industry in micro and small enterprises (Master Thesis)
  • Mohammed, Helmy: “Comparison of the environmental impacts of thin film solar cells and crystalline solar cells” (Master Thesis)



  • Kirchhoff, H. (2013). “Microgrid Concepts with an Agent-Based Control Scheme in the Context of the Electrification in off-Grid Areas.” M.S. thesis, Berlin, Germany: TU Berlin, Dept. Sustainable Electric Networks and Sources of Energy.
  • Behrens, Jan: Auslegung und energetische Optimierung eines photovoltaikbasierten Mikroenergiesystems für den halbstädtischen Raum strukturschwacher Regionen. Supervised by Noara Kebir (Bachelor thesis)
  • Alarcón Sosa, Adrián: Evaluation and Selection of RE technologies for meeting the Thermal Energy demand in households of the Bolivian Altiplano. Supervised by Natalia Realpe. (Bachelor thesis)



  • Reimer, Andreas: Usage Controller für Solar Home Systeme (Diploma thesis), Supervised by Daniel Philipp and Patrick Müller (Department of Industrial Information Technology, Technische Universität Berlin). Professoral connection: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stark, Fachgebiet Industrielle Informationstechnik, Technische Universität Berlin.
  • Müggenburg, H.: Rural Electrification: Acceptance of Pico Photovoltaic Systems in Ethiopia. Which conditions contribute to a sustainable integration of technical innovations into work and daily life in developing countries and implementation in the context of development cooperation? Supervised by Annika Tillmans and Prof. Schweizer-Ries. Prof. Reinhard Leichner, Institute of Psychology, Department of Diagnostics and General Psychology, Technische Universität Darmstadt.
  • Kuranchie, Atta: Identifying the potential of energy efficiency measures in micro and small businesses (Master thesis), Linköping, Schweden. Supervised by Noara Kebir. Prof. Tomohiko Sakao, Department of Management and Engineering, University of Linköping, Sweden.
  • Henkel, Sarina: Implementation of improved cooking stoves in Tanzania / Peru based on microfinance principles (Diploma thesis), Mannheim, Germany. Supervised by Noara Kebir. Professorial connection: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kohl, Department of Process Engineering, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.
  • Groh, Sebastian: Bridging the gap between macro and micro analysis - Residential and micro-business energy demand modeling for the case of Peru (Master thesis), Göttingen, Germany. Supervised by Daniel Philipp. Professorship: Prof. Stefan Klasen, Chair of Developmental Economics, Georg-August University Göttingen.


  • Monjau, R.: Development of a CDM Programme of Activities for Small Scale Renewable Energy Projects – a community based approach for Kenya (Diploma thesis). Supervised by Noara Kebir and Daniel Philipp. Professorial connection: Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Georg Erdmann, Institute for Energy Technology, Technische Universität Berlin
  • Lindner, Klara: Certifying Microfinanced Solar Home Systems (SHS) for Business Purposes (Diploma thesis), Berlin, Germany. Suppervised by Noara Kebir. Professorial connection: Prof. Dr. -Ing. habil. Rolf Hanitsch (emer.), Institute for Energy and Automation Technology, Department of Electrical Drive Technology, Technische Universität Berlin.
  • Meyer, K.: Vergleich verschiedener Energieszenarios am Beispiel einer ländlichen Region in Indonesien (Diploma thesis). RWTH Aachen, Aachen Germany. Supervised by Mirco Gaul. Professorship: Prof. Dr. -Ing. Andreas Pfennig, Thermal Process Engineering, RWTH Aachen University.
  • Hogarth, J. Ryan: Towards a More Inclusive Carbon Market. A Case Study of FINCA-Uganda’s Solar Microfinance Programme (Master thesis), Supervised by Noara Kebir and Daniel Philipp. Professorial Connection: Dr. Teddy Brett, Dr. Sandra Sequiera, Department of International Development, London School of Economics.
  • Kirchhoff, Hannes: Analysis of the potential for energy products and services in rural areas of Tanzania. Market potential for microenergy products and services based on a field study in four villages in Tanzania (Bachelor thesis), Berlin, Germany. Supervised by Daniel Philipp. Prof. George Tsatsaronis, Department of Energy Technology and Environmental Protection, Technische Universität Berlin.
  • Haque, Moinul: Emission reduction certificates as a financing source for the micro-energy sector. A framework analysis for applying the Clean Development Mechanism
    (CDM) Programme of Activities (PoA) to microenergy sector activities
     (Diploma thesis), Berlin, Germany. Supervised by Daniel Philipp. Prof. George Tsatsaronis, Department of Energy Technology and Environmental Protection, Technische Universität Berlin.


  • Schilling, Anne, Jan Benzulla: Optimierung von Energieversorgungssystemen (Student research project), Professorial connection: Prof. Dr. Henning Marxen, Institute of Construction Engineering and Development Methodology (provisional management), Technical University of Berlin.
  • Rothenwänder, Tobias: Analyse, Evaluierung und Optimierung von mikrofinanzierten Solar Home Systemen in Regionen mit schwach entwickelter oder nicht vorhandener Energieversorgung. Untersucht am Beispiel von Tansania (research project), Berlin, Germany. Supervised by Noara Kebir and Daniel Philipp. Prof. Dr. -Ing. Henning Meyer, Department of Machine System Design, Technische Universität Berlin.
  • Omrcen, Jakov, Bert Copik, Christoph Mitna, Steven Schulz (2009): Entwurf einer Wasserturbine (student research project), Berlin, Germany. Supervised by Noara Kebir. Professorial connection: Prof. Dr. -Ing. Henning Meyer, Department of Machine System Design, Technische Universität Berlin.
  • Miess, M.: Issue Erneuerbare Energien - im Rahmen des Forschungsvorhabens Mikroenergie-Systeme zur dezentralen nachhaltigen Energieversorgung in strukturschwachen Regionen. Supervised by Zoe Hagen, Professorial Connection: Prof. Jürgen Schultz: Degree Course in Social and Business Communication at the UdK Berlin.


  • Fischbeck, Johannes): Erneuerbare Energien im strukturschwachen Wirtschaftsraum. Studie zur Etablierung erneuerbarer Energiesysteme zur dezentralen Energieversorgung im ländlichen Raum Tanzanias auf Grundlage von 198 Interviews mit ruralen Kleinunternehmern (Diploma thesis), Berlin, Germany. Betreut von Daniel Philipp. Professorial connection: Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Ludwig Ellenberg, Institute of Geography, Humboldt University Berlin.
  • Gampp, Magdalena: Financing Small-Scale Solar Energy in Developing Countries - Rural Electrification through Microfinance and Solar Home System Dissemination (Bachelor thesis), St.Gallen, Switzerland. Supervised by Noara Kebir. Professorial connection: Prof. Dr. Rolf Wüstenhagen, Institute for Economics and Ecology, University of St. Gallen.


  • Bubolz, Dagmar:Technisch wirtschaftliche Entwicklung der Kochsysteme in deutschen Haushalten (Diploma thesis), Berlin, Deutschland. Supervised by Daniel Philipp. Prof. Dr. -Ing. Luciënne Blessing, Institute for Construction Engineering and Development Methodology, Technische Universität Berlin.