Research Group MicroEnergy Systems


Who we are

In our work at KanTe* we combine the fields of environment - technology - people / society. We have completed all technical courses of study. We are also united in our participation in self-organized construction projects and in the environmental movement critical of power.

We see ourselves as an emancipatory group and take care to reproduce social power relations in our work as little as possible. To this end, we discuss, for example, the interactions between technology, the environment and human beings/society, as well as their ecological and political significance and consequences. In all of this, exchange and networking are important to us - on the one hand to inspire each other and on the other hand to make our common political ideas and goals visible in society.

What we do

We provide (1) environmental and technical education through theoretical and practical workshops and seminars; we work (2) on ecological sanitary systems and resource use in theory and practice and we support (3) groups communicatively and in planning their house construction and renovation projects.

We understand these focal points with flowing transitions and work with a common motivation: we look at technology together with users, create space for their perspectives and develop adapted* project concepts. More about KanTe