Research Group MicroEnergy Systems

ME International

MicroEnergy International (ME) is a platform for innovation in the field of energy access in developing and emerging countries. MEI's mission is to mobilise and promote various financial, technical and scientific resources and actors through targeted products and services to enable the dissemination of reliable, financially viable and climate-friendly energy solutions in developing countries. more to: ME International


Fosera is all driven by its vision to electrify Africa, Asia and Latin America with the use of clean, sustainable and affordable solar energy systems and to provide customers with solar solutions which are perfectly fitted to their needs. more to: Fosera


Mobisol is a german company specialising in sustainable and affordable energy solutions. It operates in several east african countries and has already electrified more than 500,000 people. more to: Mobisol


SiNERGi offers advice in the fields of energy, climate, and development. It operates internationally and follows a transdisciplinary approach: Creating synergies and enable innovation through combining different topics and perspectives. more to: SiNERGi


KanTe provides environmental and technical education through theoretical and practical workshops and seminars; It works on ecological sanitary systems and resource use in theory and practice and KanTe supports groups communicatively and in planning their house construction and renovation projects. more to: KanTe