Research Group MicroEnergy Systems

Teachings at the MicroEnergy research group

The teaching of the research group is characterised by internationality, interdisciplinarity and a close proximity to practice. Through guest contributions from representatives of various research institutions, companies and civil society organisations, students are kept up to date with current developments in the field of microenergy systems.

Due to its multidisciplinary composition, a wide range of diploma, master, bachelor and master theses can be supervised within the scope of the research focus.

Lecture Series

SEER4ALL Lectures:
15 different projects, start-ups and research work on energy and development are being presented and discussed.

Lecture Series "Energy in Development":
The debate about sustainable energy for all is ongoing. It stresses the need to improve access to reliable, affordable, economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sound energy services for sustainable development–a complex task that cannot be left to engineering alone.

Energy Entrepreneurship and Rural Electrification

Since 2005, the Microenergy Systems Research Group has been offering the seminar Energy Entrepreneurship and Rural Electrification for students of the international Master's Program Global Production Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin. The two-week block seminar introduces the students to the concept of microenergy systems and offers a comprehensive training course on setting up a company in the microenergy sector with guest lectures by experts and practitioners from this field. Students work in teams to develop business plans for micro-energy companies, mostly in their country of origin. The course was designed by Daniel Philipp and is currently being conducted together with Jonas van der Straeten.

Energy Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

The Energy Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries (EEDC) course aims at introducing students to how entrepreneurship can create positive impacts and value for low-income communities with clean energy technologies. The course is a learning platform for students with business and/or technical knowledge and interest to start energy-related businesses. It is about generating ideas, developing skills and learning tools to plan a viable business idea and to foster energy access in the Global South. During the program, the participants will have the opportunity to create their own draft of a business plan for energy supply based on adapted energy technologies.