Research Group MicroEnergy Systems

Past Research Activities

MENARET - MENA Research on Energy Transition

The project explores the technical and socio-economic potential of decentral renewable energies (DRE) for the energy transition and the role of micro-grids in facilitating their integration into the energy system. The target region is North Africa and the Middle East (MENA), the focus country for testing the implementation of DRE-based micro-grids is Morocco. more to: MENARET - MENA Research on Energy Transition

MikroKlima - West Africa

In a Nutshell, MikroKlima is a replicable project model to foster Green Microfinance in developing countries to enable Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation strategies at the micro level and develop a micro approach to Climate Change discussion. more to: MikroKlima - West Africa

MikroKlima - Central Asia

In a Nutshell, MikroKlima - Central Asia is a research project initiated between partners in Germany and in Central Asia at the interface of microfinance, micro-energy systems and adaptation to climate change. The aim is the joint research on the key question: to what extent the microfinance sector in Central Asia may contribute, through appropriate products and services, to strengthen the resilience of households and SMEs to the effects of climate change and at the same time to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions? more to: MikroKlima - Central Asia