Research Group MicroEnergy Systems

MES Conferences

The MES Conferences are initiated by the Microenergy Systems Research Group in order to promote scientific exchange among academic groups and institutions, private players, local stakeholders and the research group itself.

The conferences also include workshops with the main objective to establish a platform for knowledge exchange as well as strengthening existing or potential collaborations between Germany and the corresponding country in the field of climate change, bottom-up global energy transition, energy access and energy transition metrics, human-centred product design and social business development.

The key area of focus is sustainable, bottom-up, global energy transition, with special attention to the micro perspective, i.e. the needs and the contribution opportunities of households and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s), and utilizing tools such as the Worldbank’s Multi-Tier Framework (MTF) for measuring energy access to achieve the transition.

MES conferences 2011-Today


November 26th-27th + 4th of December, Berlin, Germany - MES Conference. Sustainable and Inclusive Global Mobility Initiative (SIGMI) 

March 30th-April 3rd, Berlin, Germany - Political economic framework of energy sector reform in Tanzania and Kenya

Political economic framework of energy sector reform in the Middle East and North Africa – From oil exit to renewables